1. Get ‘Em While They’re Hot – Rental Units Available!

    October 10, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Don’t let the recent sunshine fool you. Rainy conditions are upon us so don’t wait to book your rental units today!

    Rig Source has a variety of crawler carrier rental units that will keep your company pushing forward while the weather conditions hold the other guys back. The crawler carrier is built to go where wheeled vehicles cannot, and Rig Source has a variety of sizes and brands available in their rental unit fleet. Some of the available crawler carrier makes and models are listed below:crawler-carrier-fleet

    • Morooka MST-800VD
    • IHI IC-45
    • Morooka MST-1500VD
    • IHI IC-70
    • Morooka MST-2200VD

    Rig Source will work closely with you to provide you with the best fit attachment piece for the selected crawler carrier. Custom bed configurations can include: a flatbed, dump bed, rock bed, crane and 1,400 gallon water tank. Additionally, Rig Source has tracked mounted drilling equipment available for rent like the CME-55 mounted on a TCX-850. This rental unit comes fully equipped with an auto hammer, break-out wrench, wire line winch, and Moyno pump. It is the ideal rental unit for the geotechnical and environmental driller. drill-rig-rentalsGeoprobe® direct push rental units have also been made available during this rainy season. Rig Source has the 420M, Power Packs, and 7822DT’s. These particular units are used for the geotechnical and environmental drilling industry as well and excellent options for those looking to do soil penetration testing. To lock in your rental unit with Rig Source while units are still available, call Bryan today at 630.365.1649 or check out our rental showroom!

  2. Crawler Carrier Trade In

    September 19, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source took in four used Morooka crawler carrier units on trade with Courtney Construction, and in return they purchased two, new Terramac RT9’s crawler carriers. picRig Source immediately added the Morooka units to their crawler carrier rental fleet, and Courtney Construction is utilizing the Terramac® RT9 crawler carriers on pipeline projects throughout the US. Courtney Construction has been in the pipeline industry for a number of years and specializes in construction, inspection, and maintenance. It is imperative for them to maintain safe and reliable equipment in their fleet, and upgrading to the Terramac® RT9 crawler carrier did just that. If you are looking to upgrade, replace, or purchase equipment, give us a call at 630.365.1649! Rig Source will find a way to work with you to make your next drill rig or crawler carrier purchase as simple as possible.

  3. Must Have Diedrich D-50 Rental Unit

    June 28, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.
    Refurbishment is complete on Rig Source Inc.’s latest Diedrich D-50, and it is now in our rental fleet.  The 1997 Diedrich D-50 rental drill rig is mounted on a 1992 Morooka, MST-1100, and includes various upgrades.
    Diedrich D-50 Rental Unit Upgrades Include:Diedrich D-50 Rental Unit
    • Brand new John Deere Engine
    • Auto Hammer
    • Moyno Pump
    • Breakout Wrench
    • Breakout Table
    • 800lb. Wireline Winch
    • Slide Base
    • Transmission
    • Clutch
    • Rebuilt Rotary Box
    With the extensive array of features and upgrades it is expected that this Diedrich D-50 rental drill rig will be a “must have” for those in the geotechnical field. For more information on renting our newly refurbished D-50 rental or various other geotechnical and environmental drill rigs for rent, please call 630-365-1649!

  4. Geo-Environmental Drilling Purchases a Track Mounted Diedrich D-50

    February 8, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Geo-Environmental Drilling Inc. purchases a track mounted Diedrich D-50. The unit is mounted on a Morooka MST-800. Track Mounted Diedrich D-50 Drill Rig Geo-Environmental Drilling Inc. located in Pittsburgh, PA, recently purchased a Diedrich D-50 auger drill rig mounted on a Morooka MST-800 rubber track crawler carrier. GEO is a Woman-Owned, WBE certified, small business run by President Deb Werble. They provide geotechnical and environmental drilling, excavation, site preparation and utility clearing to Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. If you need to mount your drill onto a crawler carrier for increased versatility, give Rig Source a call today at 630-365-1649.

  5. Crawler Carrier Rentals Available – In Stock!

    September 18, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.
    Crawler Carrier Rentals Lined Up and AvailableCrawler Carrier rentals in stock and ready to go!

    Terramac RT9 rubber track crawler carrier units available for rent or sale! Morooka MST-800VD, Morooka MST-1500VD, Morooka MST-2200VD and IHI IC-100 carriers in stock, with dump beds or flatbeds!  Contact us today to reserve your crawler carrier rentals and get a shipping quote to your office or jobsite. Looking to purchase a unit? Let us know if you are looking for new or used units, we have both in stock!!! For more information, call 630-365-1649 or email us.

  6. Major Drilling Mounts Mobile B53 on Morooka MST800

    April 18, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Mobile B53 on Morooka MST800 Crawler CarrierMajor Drilling’s Huntsville, Alabama office engaged Rig Source to do a dismount of their Mobile B53 drill and remount the drill onto a Morooka MST800 crawler carrier. We also shortened the bed and converted the drill from standard auger/core drilling functionality to reverse circulation-drilling functionality. The Rig Source team also installed a rod clamp, break out wrench, dust collector and sample splitter as well. Major Drilling is a large global company providing a variety of drilling services, including: • Surface wireline core drilling • Environmental drilling • Geotechnical drilling • Shallow oil and gas drilling. In other news, Major Drilling recently announced their highest third quarter revenue growth in the history of the company: a 70% increase from 2011! Congrats to Major Drilling- we’re glad we can serve an impressive global drilling company like yours! If you need to mount your Mobile B53 or various other drills onto a crawler carrier for increased versatility, give Rig Source a call today at 630-365-1649! You may also email info@rigsourceinc.com and let us know that you’d like to receive updated listings of drilling equipment for sale and for rent.

  7. Ridgeway Drilling Uses Rig Source for Diedrich D50 Remount

    March 28, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Diedrich D50 Remount to a Morooka MST800










    Rig Source completed a Diedrich D50 remount for Ridgeway Drilling.

    The Diedrich D50 drill was mounted to a rebuilt Morooka MST-800 crawler carrier. Rig Source also upgraded the Diedrich D50 drill with a new auto hammer, a new 2000lb tool winch, a new front carrier winch and built a 300 gallon water tank for the machine. Custom equipment solutions are what really set Rig Source apart. 

    “It’s always fun to come up with creative, cost-effective ways to solve our client’s job site problems.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite aspects of our business,” says Rig Source President Mike Crimaldi.

    For more information on this Diedrich D50 remount project, drilling equipment fabrication, or custom mounting services, please call us at 630-365-1649.

  8. Rig Source finishes Mobile B59 mounted on a Morooka MST1500

    February 21, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Front & Back Views of Mobile B59 Drill Mounted on Morooka MST1500 Crawler Carrier It’s finished: take a look! It’s finished: take a look! We just completed mounting this 1989 Mobile B59 on a Morooka MST1500. This drill rig mounted on a crawler carrier is FOR SALE too, so get it while it is still available! The Mobile B59 is powered by a four cylinder Cummins diesel engine and comes equipped with: • New side mount auto hammer • New 3L8 Moyno water pump • New rod clamp and breakout • Main winch, tool winch and wire line winch • Leveling jacks The Morooka MST1500 has new tracks and a new main hydraulic pump.  In addition, the Morooka MST1500 crawler carrier has been  run through the shop to ensure that it is the perfect undercarriage for the B59. Rig Source specializes in selling and renting rubber tracked crawler carriers for every type of drilling application. Regardless of what you’re looking for – from a Mobile B59 to a Boart Longyear LF70 on tracks- make your first call to Rig Source!  Call us at 630-365-1649 or email info@rigsourceinc.com for more information.

  9. Drill Pro Services Inc. Purchases a Diedrich D-120

    February 1, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Drill Pro's Diedrich D-120 Before & After Shots








    Blake Jones from Drill Pro Services poses in front of his new Diedrich D-120.

    This is the second rig that Blake has purchased from Rig Source. We mounted this 1993 Diedrich D-120 on a truck provided by our local International dealer.   Then we built a new bed, added a new side mount auto hammer, wireline winch, rod clamp and breakout wrench.  The Diedrich D-120 received all new hoses, wiring harness and water tank then was painted to match the rest of the Drill Pro fleet.  The finished product is a drill that Blake knows he can rely on to go to work everyday and one that his clients like seeing pull up on the job site! Contact Rig Source today if you are looking to update your fleet.   From truck and carrier remounts, to Diedrich, CME and Mobile drills for sale and for rent, we can find something tailored to your needs.  Stay tuned for our next unit: a Mobile B59 mounted on a Morooka MST1500 that will be available the early part of February!

  10. All Service Drilling purchases a Morooka TCX850 from Rig Source!

    January 11, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Morooka TCX850 Prior to Drill MountKen Bieber from All Service Drilling in Alberta, Canada just received his new Morooka TCX850 from Rig Source just in time to mount his CME 55. This Morooka TCX850 is perfect for drill mounting with its cab forward design and extended frame; and Rig Source was able to paint the Morooka to match the rest of All Service’s “silver” fleet. Rig Source has rubber track carrier units either for sale or for rent.  Call Rig Source today at 630-365-1649 or email us info@rigsourceinc.com for all your Morooka and IHI needs and to learn more about the new TerraMac crawler carriers coming out in 2012!

  11. Logan Drilling Group Orders Morooka TCX 850 & MST 1500VD

    December 22, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Morooka TCX 850 Crawler Carrier from Rig SourceLogan Drilling Group in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia just purchased another Morooka rubber tracked carrier to mount one of their CME 75’s to. Logan previously purchased a new Morooka TCX 850 from Rig Source for the mounting of a CME 55, and this time opted for the larger Morooka MST 1500VD to put a CME 75 on. Logan, like many geotechnical drilling firms across North America, is seeing the benefits of changing their units over to track mounted units, such as the Morooka carriers.  The rubber tracked units allow you to get to treacherous places that truck mounted or rubber tired units can not reach and unlike steel tracked units, they still work great on blacktop and roadways with out any damage. Call Rig Source today at 630-365-1649 or email info@rigsourceinc.com to find which Morooka or IHI rubber tracked carrier is the best fit for your drill. We can either do the mounting in house or get the carrier prepped for you and sent it out so you can mount the units yourself.

  12. From Old to New: A Refurbished Diedrich D50 for Geotechnology Inc.

    November 30, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Jim Howe of Geotechnology Inc. in St. Louis, MO brought Rig Source their Diedrich D50 on a Morooka MST800 for refurbishing. Take a look at the Refurbished Diedrich D50 results! Refurbished Diedrich D50 Auger Drill Rig Rig Source was provided a wish list by Mr. Howe with many improvements to the D50 including: – Re-building the gear box and cylinders – New tower & water tank – Adding a wire line winch, rod clamp and break out wrench – New cab and repainting of the unit The D50 returned to service immediately to be a great addition to the Geotechnology equipment fleet, especially with the growing demand for track mounted units in the industry. For any questions regarding a new, used or rental Diedrich drill rig, feel free to call 630-365-1649 or email: info@rigsourceinc.com