1. Career Development in the Oil and Coal Drilling Industries

    March 9, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.
    Your Future in Drilling: Career Development Tracks in the Mining Industries


    If you’re considering a career in the coal mining, oil, or gas industries, you might not have a clear picture of how your career will progress. Your education, goals, and salary desires can all affect what path you might take in your mining industries career. Let’s drill down into what arcs your career path might make.

    Possible career paths for workers in the oil and coal drilling industries.


    First of all, it’s important to note that all entry level positions in the mining industries are paid hourly, meaning that the estimated salaries in this infographic are conservative, given that many in the industry work more than a 40-hour week. Jesse Whittaker, a Sales Rep at Rig Source who grew up in West Virginia and has been working in coal mining since the age of 16, knows the reason behind this: unpredictability.

    “There is no standard day on a drill rig,” says Jesse. “You could work 8 hours in a day and everything would be fine, or you could have an issue in the hole and be there for 18 hours.”

    Most high school graduates will begin as a miner or laborer, earning from $37,000-45,000/year for operating heavy mining machinery, drill blasting holes, transporting coal, and laying out and building underground mines, according to Indeed. Most miners fall between the ages of 20-45, according to WiseGeek; with that in mind, working in the drilling industry may be ideal for a young person without a family at home, since the job requires so much time away from the family.

    Miners or laborers can advance to an equipment operator miner, whose job duties include safely and efficiently operating mining equipment. The top rung of this career path is foreman, where one can earn $80,000-89,000/year for supervising miners, meeting quotas, and maintaining an efficient work environment.

    College graduates searching for a job in coal mining can explore careers as geologists or mechanical engineers, depending on their interests. A geologist researches formation dissolution and content of rock layers, and he may also study variation in rock formation and densities. A mechanical engineer, meanwhile, earns $73,000-89,000/year for designing machines and mechanical installations, evaluating machinery, and setting up work control systems.

    From there, an employee can advance to the role of mine manager, which comes with a significant salary increase and additional responsibilities of staffing management, performance evaluation, and promotion of a safe work environment. While a college degree isn’t necessary for a mine manager, only 17% have a high school diploma as their highest degree (for comparison’s sake, 43% hold a Bachelor’s Degree and 27% hold a Master’s Degree).

    Finally, a college graduate’s career in coal mining might culminate as an executive operations manager or mine engineer, both high-level roles earning around $100,000/year. A mine engineer is responsible for planning and designing mines for maximum structural stability, while the executive operations manager leads and managers operation teams.

    A crucial requisite to working in the oil and gas industries is being physically strong. In these career fields, you’re required to 100-150 pounds of equipment regularly. The physical nature of jobs on drilling rigs isn’t for everyone.

    A high school graduate will begin in the oil and gas drilling industries as a hand on an oil drilling rig, conducting inspection on oil drilling equipment, assisting the driller during operations, and ensuring the accuracy of fuel inventories for around $40,000/year. From there, he will advance to a driller, ensuring compliance with all regulating bodies and supervising drilling activities such as core drilling or exploration drilling. Eventually, he may become a tool pusher, supervising daily drilling rig operations

    A college graduate, on the other hand, may enter the oil and gas industries as a petroleum geologist, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in rock formations and mineral samples that could eventually pave the way towards becoming a CEO. The next rung on the ladder is drilling operations manager, managing daily operations and planning various drilling projects, such as exploration drilling, and revising them as necessary. Finally, a drilling operations manager may be promoted to a drilling/petroleum engineer, specializing in the production and placement of wells, earning around $104,000/year according to Salary.com.

    No matter which career path a budding worker in the mining, oil, and gas industries may choose, there’s one thing necessary for career success: autonomy. Being able to work well on your own and being self-directed is key to advancing in your career in the drilling industry.


  2. Hiring Now – Shop Manager & Sales Representatives

    September 24, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Now Hiring - Shop Manager and Sales RepresentativeWhether you’re in search of a new career or just seeking advancement, the opportunities provided by Rig Source are truly endless – Just ask our existing team!

    Rig Source is a privately held company which provides sale & rental drill rigs & crawler carriers to a number of industries such as: geotechnical, environmental, exploration, pipeline and even general construction. Our company is growing rapidly, and we are seeking additional team members to assist with this growth.

    We are highly reputable among the customer’s we serve as well as the team we employ, and are in search of candidates that possess the skills necessary to ensure Rig Source is continually maintaining an unprecedented degree of support to our customers. For this reason, we’re seeking knowledgeable candidates with entrepreneurial spirits to join our shop and sales team.

    “Rig Source has been in business for over ten years, offers competitive pay, insurance and one of the best work environments around.” – Matt Slater, Director of Sales (more…)

  3. 3 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About an Atlas Copco RD 20

    January 8, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Complete Atlas Copco RD 20 set upIn the world of oil and gas drilling, an Atlas Copco RD 20 is just one of the many types of drill rigs available. However, what makes them special or unique?

    Well here is my list of unique characteristics that I bet you didn’t know about the RD 20 drill rig.

    1. Common Use – The most common use of an Atlas Copco RD 20 is for tophole drilling. In comparison to various other drills capable of doing tophole work, it is smaller in size and lower in cost. Tophole drilling has the potential of tearing up a rig due to the nature of rock it is attempting to cut through. Therefore, the Atlas Copco RD 20 is often times used for the rough drilling required before a larger piece of equipment comes through to complete the job. This ultimately saves a company from damaging the more expensive equipment.
    2. Directional Drilling Potential – While the Atlas Copco drill rig wasn’t built with the intention of doing directional drilling, the capability is there. This can save a company a step in the oil and gas drilling process because it is one less rig move that needs to be completed. Again, saving the company time and money.
    3. Set Up – One of the greatest aspects of the Atlas Copco drill rig and a major selling point is that it is completely self-contained. That being said, the set up is quick and can ultimately be put together in just a few hours.

    It’s always fun learning something new and exciting about the oil and gas industry. For additional information on Atlas Copco RD 20’s, you can always reach out to a major drilling equipment source such as Rig Source. Our website offers complete web listings with specifications on each type of Atlas Copco RD 20 available for sale. Additionally, you may choose to chat with an oil and gas drill rig sales specialist, or email drill rig questions directly to us. Inventory changes daily, but we currently have four Atlas Copco drill rig’s available so hurry in today!

  4. Feast Your Eyes On This Refurbished RD 20 Unit

    October 16, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source purchased, sold and refurbished an RD 20 Oil Rig for a company overseas. This unit was purchased just a few months back and has been receiving repairs and upgrades since. Over two hundred man hours have gone into the RD 20 project, and it has been one extreme make over for the oil and gas industry. This video shows the original condition of the Atlas Copco RD 20, and takes you through its entire transformation. Rig Source’s highly skilled service department started with an inspection and followed it up with a full repair of the sub structure, engine, hydraulics, and more. Every area of service played a role in completing this Atlas Copco RD 20 unit. In the next few weeks, this complete oil and gas Atlas Copco RD 20 package will ship to its new owners and spend the next decade drilling proficiently. Call Rig Source today at 630.365.1649 and discover what our service department can do for you, or email Matt to obtain full details on other oil and gas drill rig packages available.

  5. Zede Drilling Purchases Atlas Copco RD 20 III From Rig Source Inc.

    April 11, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Zede Drilling, located in the Republic of Yemen, recently purchased an Atlas Copco RD 20 from Rig Source Inc.  Atlas Copco RD 20 III Mike Zede, Owner of Zede Drilling, explained that while drilling for water with an Ingersoll Rand T4W, they had yet to reach water at 600 meters. He knew he needed to switch to a deeper depth drill and the Atlas Copco RD 20 was his first choice. Side View of Zede Drillings Atlas Copco RD 20 The Atlas Copco RD 20 is a versatile rig and can be used for both water well and oil & gas drilling. Zede plans to use the Atlas Copco RD 20 to drill for oil once his water well project in Yemen is complete. Want more information about oil & gas rigs for sale? Please call 630-365-1649 or email us.

  6. FEATURED: Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Packages

    February 7, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source Inc., is an oil and gas drilling equipment dealer with a wide variety of land drilling rig packages available for sale. To see all of the oil and gas drilling rig packages available, click here. With our team of experts we can help our customers throughout the selection process to find the best fit for the project.  Most drills come equipped with drilling rig packages, customized to your needs and can include everything from mud pumps, dog houses, drill collars, compressors and more.  Rig Source can also help provide transportation on an International or Domestic level. Featured drilling rig packages include: Gardner Denver DW-500 Land Drilling Rig PackageEmsco GA500 Oil and Gas Land Drilling Rig Package Gardner Denver DW-500Emsco GA-500 Land Drill Mid-Continent U-36 1000HP Land Drilling Rig PackageAtlas Copco RD20 III Oil and Gas Land Drilling Rig Package Mid-Continent U-36 DrillAtlas Copco RD-20 III For more information on any of our oil and gas land drilling rigs, drill packages, or shipping options, feel free to call us at 630-365-1649.

  7. NEW Atlas Copco CS14 – Video Upload

    January 17, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Atlas Copco CS14 Core Drill for Sale by Rig Source Inc A new Atlas Copco CS14 video has been uploaded to the Rig Source Inc channel on YouTube. Subscribe to the Rig Source channel by clicking here. The Atlas Copco CS14 is a complete walk-around of the new core drill, highlighting the engine and tower. Call Rig Source today at 630-365-1649 for more information on the Atlas Copco CS14 core drill rig in stock. Rig Source has a number of Atlas Copco core drills available for sale. Click here to view all core drill listings.

  8. Find Us At NWMA Expo: We Mount Core Drills

    November 28, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source will make another appearance this year as an exhibitor at the Northwest Mining Association (NWMA) Expo in Spokane, WA – December 5-6, BOOTH #1119 and 1121. Get more information and check the availability of both new and used, Atlas Copco and Boart Longyear core drill rigs.  Also ask about our mounting options for your core drills!  Rig Source can mount any drill rig or other type of equipment or integrate a flat bed or dump bed, etc. to a Terramac RT9 crawler carrier for any rough terrain job. Crawler Carrier Mount Option for Core Drills NWMA is a regional association representing members interests throughout the United States and Canada, working closely with the National Mining Association.  NWMA is recognized as an innovative and proactive leader in addressing the needs of an increasingly global mining industry. Please feel free to give us a call at 630-365-1649 if you can’t make it to the NWMA Expo, but would like information on core drills or rubber track crawler carriers.

  9. Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs Available

    October 19, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Look for Rig Source in the 2nd October issue of Tradequip (page 30). It’s the largest PBIOS/Offshore Energy issue in the history of the magazine.  The publication will be distributed both at PBIOS and Offshore Energy. Rig Source offers Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs, such as the Atlas Copco RD20 or Schramm T130TXD, or even larger 1000-2000HP land rigs. We also offer complete drilling packages (to include drill strings, handling tools, fishing tools, mud pumps and mud systems, SCR houses, air packages and more).  See all Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs for sale – click here. Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs Available for SaleFor questions about our Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs or available package options, feel free to call us at 630-365-1649.

  10. Featured Atlas Copco CS14 and CS1000 P6 Core Drills

    August 27, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source has both a new Atlas Copco CS14 and a used Atlas Copco Christensen CS1000 P6 available and in-stock. Atlas Copco CS14 Core Drilling Rig Atlas Copco CS1000 Core Drill The Atlas Copco Christensen CS1000 P6 unit includes: a cummins 6 cylinder diesel engine, 535 bean pump, HQ drill head, wireline winch and main winch. The new Atlas Copco CS14 is available for immediate delivery.  This skid or trailer mounted core drilling rig is one of the most well know in the world. Give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649 for pricing and additional information.

  11. Featured June Listings: Oil & Gas Rigs for Sale

    June 13, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Schramm TXD Drill Rig - Rig SourceAtlas Copco RD-20 Drill Rig - Rig SourceVariety of Oil & Gas RigsOIME SL-1500 RigRig Source has Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment for sale! Check the featured oil & gas rigs for sale that we are featuring in June!  If you’d prefer to receive our listings in your inbox, please sign up for our email list. 2007 Schramm TDX Complete package with pipe handling, mud pumps, mud system and BOP’s. 2007 Atlas Copco RD20 III This Atlas Copco RD20 drill comes equipped with an Ingersoll-Rand HR 2.5 Air Compressor. It also includes: a Floating Sub, 60-gallon Oiler, Bean 1000 PSI Water Pump, Diesel Fired Deck Pre-heater and a Hammer Tooling Kit. The drill comes mounted on a 2007 Tridem Crane Carrier with a CAT C13 380 HP Engine. Includes: Substructure (50’x14’x5′ with 36″ Folding Flaps), 2007 Sullair XHH 1150/350 Compressor, Hurricane Booster and 2500′ of double white inspected drill pipe Call for pricing and complete package details! 3 MD Cowan Super Singles Rig Source is proud to offer 3 used M.D. Cowan Super Singles! These are complete rig packages with top drive, mud pumps, mud system, pipe handling, SCR House, BOP’s and tubulars. Please contact Rig Source for a complete inventory and to schedule an inspection. OIME SL-1500 This OIME SL-1500 RIG has a depth rating of 18,000 feet and is in great working condition. See full unit specifications below. DRAW WORKS: OIME SL 1500, 1 1/4″ Drilling line BRAKE: Parmac 342 Hydromatic RIG DRIVE ENGINES: Caterpillar C-18 Diesel Engines RIG DRIVE TRANSMISSIONS: Allison Transmissions DERRICK: Pyramid 146 ft x 23 ft, 815,000 # SHL w/6 – Sheave Crown SUB-STRUCTURE: Pyramid 22.5 ft Swing Up ROTATING EQUIPMENT: Pyramid Hacker 275, Rotary Table RIG HOUSES: Alberta Fab, Alberta Labour Pusher House, 12 ft wide x 54 ft long with 2 bedrooms, 2 offices, Insulated, Skidded Shop MadeDoghouse, 8 ft wide x 38 ft long Want more information about these oil & gas rigs for sale? Please give Rig Source a call at 630-365-1649.

  12. 5 Reasons You Should Buy an Atlas Copco RD20

    May 8, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Atlas Copco RD20 for Sale1. The RD20 is made by Atlas Copco

    If there’s one manufacturer you should trust it is Atlas Copco. Drilling since 1972, Atlas Copco’s mission statement is to increase profitability for its independent drillers who rely on increasing productivity in order to reduce costs. You can trust that Atlas Copco’s self-contained, powerful and mobile drill rigs will serve your company’s needs for years to come.

    2. The RD20’s Powerful Feed Syetem

    Atlas Copco’s patented carriage feed system is the heart of the RD20 with a full 110,000 lb. (49,896 kg) of pullback to the RD20II and 120,000 lb. (54,446 kg) to the RD20III.

    With rapid feed speeds and precise weight control, you’ll benefit from the RD20’s advanced mechanics, which are designed to deliver optimum efficiency. The derrick eliminates compressive loads on the upper derrick, even at full pullback.

    3. Quick Pipe Handling

    Want proof of how Atlas Copco’s RD20 increases efficiency? Look no further than the fact that it only take 45 to 60 seconds to completely change or add drill pipe – a time significantly faster than that of a conventional drill rig.

    4. Pure Power

    The RD20 is powered by a Cummins QSK-19C, 755-hp deck engine. Here at Rig Source, we believe that Cummins engines are the most powerful and reliable engines available.

    The engine, compressor and hydraulic pumps of the RD20 are mounted on a floating powerpack base rather than directly onto the chassis mainframe. According to AtlasCopco.com, “this arrangement assures proper alignment of power components and decreases wear.”

    5. Versatility

    A variety of options come with the RD20 including three-inch/1500psi circulation piping. The RD20 also comes equipped with connections for an auxiliary compressor and booster. Optional water-injection systems, as well as oil injection for DHD operation are available.

    Rig Source has a used Atlas Copco RD20 oil & gas drill for sale so visit our oil and gas drill rig showroom.

    If you are looking for more information, give us a call today at 630.365.1649.