Simco Drill Rig Transformation You Need to See to Believe

December 4, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

imco Drill Rig Before Repairs

Rather than watch another home renovation or weight loss makeover why not stay up-to-date with our latest Simco drill rig transformation. During my time in the heavy equipment industry I’ve come to learn that people want details! Most of our customers as well as prospective clients want regular updates on equipment repairs, photos of progress, and a testament to what we do as a company. Just think, would you pay a plumber before seeing your newly installed toilet, or a personal trainer if you never learned a new exercise?

Rig Source completes full service repairs on drill rigs and crawler carriers on a daily basis, and we often take our inside knowledge of each units progress for granted. That is about to change as I take you through the first of many equipment transformation projects, beginning with the Simco drill rig.

This Simco Drill Rig is mounted on a Ford F-550 truck and was purchased by Rig Source owner, Mike Crimaldi on an “as is” basis. Mike’s spent a lifetime in the drilling industry, and was quick to see all the hidden potential of this Simco drill rig. Close Up of Simco Repairs to be madeUpon arrival, Rig Source’s talented shop team completed an inspection to detect every aspect of the drill rig that needed attention.

The most obvious of issues was the cracked windshield and torn up bench seat on the interior. However, there were other concerns such as a burnt out engine module, a tear in the deck floor, and a weak drill frame. 

Each one of the issues found during inspection of the Simco drill rig were reasoned as items our service department is more than equipped to handle, and our guys are eager to start transforming. As they do, be sure to follow their progress, and allow us to show you just what are service department is capable of. Watch closely as we give you everything you need to see to believe because if you like it, we just might sell it to you!

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