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  • New Mobile B57 Rental Unit #21128
    Take advantage of an excellent opportunity to rent this 2021 Mobile B-57 drill rig. Coring, rotary, hollow stem and continuous flight, the B-57 is one of Mobile Drill’s most versatile drillsMobil B-57 Drill Rig Specifications:2021John Deere Tier 4 Engine3 Winches900 lb wireline winch3,000 lb tool winch8,500 lb main winchBreakout table and winchSPT hammer 140 lb2″ […]
  • Track Mounted Diedrich D-90 Drill Rig – #20112
    If you’re looking to rent a D-90 then look no further. This unit is great for various Geotechnical and Environmental drilling projects and is mounted to an IHI – IC45 Crawler Carrier.Diedrich D-90 Drill Rig Specifications:John Deere engineTower tilt pulley3L6 water pumpCatheadWater tankFront auger rackMain winchTool winchWireline winchRecovery winchBreakout table & wrenchEaton transmissionWiggle tail  For more […]
  • Track Mounted Diedrich D-120 Drill Rig – #21123
    This unit is great for Geotechnical and Environmental drilling projects and is mounted to a Morooka MST 1500 crawler carrier with a 2 speed drive motor. For the best in reliability without compromise, the D-120 will work for you!Diedrich D-120 Drill Rig Specifications:2016140 lb. (Side Mount Style) Auto hammerRod Clamp/Break Out Wrench300 Gallon Water Tank […]
  • Diedrich D-50 Drill Rig Diedrich D-50 Drill Rig – #18131
    Rig Source is pleased to offer this track mounted Diedrich D-50 drill rig for sale or rent. The unit is in great condition and can be shipped immediately. The D-50 is a mid-sized drill that is highly versatile for tackling a variety of drilling projects, and combined with a carrier mount provides increased access to […]

Established Supplier of Quality Drill Rigs

Quality Drill Rigs For Sale Or Rent

Rig Source Inc. delivers equipment solutions to drilling contractors in the Geotechnical and EnvironmentalMineral Exploration, Pipeline, and Oil and Gas, industries. We offer a unique assortment of brand name drilling rigs for every budget and need, and provide parts and service support for all drill rig models. Rig Source prides itself on exceptional customer service and works directly with customers on their quest to buy, sell, rent, refurbish or re-mount drill rigs. Our full service shop accommodates a range of services from routine maintenance and repair up to full refurbishment and upgrades using factory parts..

Browse each of our showrooms to find quality and affordable drill rigs for sale or rent. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact a sales representative and we’ll find it for you!

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CME 55 Track Working - 1

Drill Rig Upgrade Solutions Key to Expanding Fleets

Rig Source doesn’t just specialize in selling drilling equipment; we specialize in supporting our customers with all their drilling endeavors. We’re frequently contacted by engineering companies ready to expand their businesses by taking drilling operations into their own hands. The ideology beh...

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Geoprobe 7822DT with 4-Speed Head

Understanding the Benefits of the Geoprobe 7822DT with 4-Speed Head

Every drill rig offers a unique set of features that makes it possible for drillers to provide a variety of quality and affordable drilling services. However, choosing the right rig for your equipment fleet can be challenging when the services you offer require different rig styles. Rig Source is ac...

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Sold Geoprobe 3230

Returning Customer Requests New Technology

Here at Rig Source we take pride in the relationships we build while providing drill rig sales and rentals. It’s through our customer service that we’re able to establish a rapport with our customers that keeps them coming back time after time for their drill rig needs. These connections work bo...

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