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Terramac® RT9 Crawler Carrier With Water Tank
  • Terramac® RT9 Crawler Carrier With Water Tank

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Product Description

The Terramac RT9 is the most versatile crawler carrier on the market and can now come equipped with a water tank. This grouping is popular among drilling contractors that need to move water and rods to remote locations. The low ground pressure for this crawler carrier fully loaded is a mere 6.4 PSI. That along with its added torque allows the Terramac RT9 to travel in and around rough terrain where other wheeled vehicles can easily become stuck. The 1600 gallon water tank attachment offers a dual purpose too. The tank can be used to transport large quantities of water, but also offers the ability to strap rods to the top of it to assist in transport. With a combination such as this, it is no doubt the Terramac RT9 crawler carrier with water tank is taking the industry by storm.

Terramac® RT9 Crawler Carrier Specifications Include:
  • Powerful 225 HP Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Closed Cab for Harsh Conditions
  • 18,000 lbs. Carrying Capacity
Water Tank Specifications for Crawler Carrier Include:
  • New 1600 gallon Steel construction flat water tank
  • Two ¼ internal baffles
  • 4” X ½ rub rails with stake pockets  
  • 24” steel bulk head
  • Two ” tank drains
  • Two 6” fill ports
  • This tank is available in stainless steel  
Other Customization Options for the Terramac® RT9 Crawler Carrier With Water Tank include:

While this particular Terramac RT9 crawler carrier is customized with a water tank, you can always change the attachment features as you see fit. Once the water tank is removed from the back of the crawler carrier, you are left with a standard Terramac RT9 crawler carrier with dump or flat bed. This versatility is made possible by the Terramac’s easy bolt on/off attachment system, and is an excellent benefit if you foresee reselling the crawler carrier down the road.

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