1. Top 5 Reasons Rubber Tracked Rental Units Are Perfect for Seasonal Work

    December 19, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rubber tracked rental units are favorable for seasonal work because they are really your only defense against the wrath of Mother Nature and her shifting weather patterns. If growing up in Chicago has taught me anything, it is to expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather. Our weather changes dramatically per season and often times even within a single season. It’s nearly impossible to select a single pair of shoes to carry you through the multiple seasons let alone a single piece of equipment capable of keeping your business moving forward.

    Don’t create your own restrictions! Instead, read the list below and discover the Top 5 reasons rubber tracked rental units are perfect for seasonal work.

    1. Customized Per Job Selecting a rubber tracked rental unit allows your to change the type of equipment on an as need basis. If and when the weather changes so do your needs and a rental unit will allow you to follow suit.Snow covered Terramac
    2. Not as Much Cash out Lay You don’t have a lot of money wrapped into a single unit at any given time. You only need to spend money when you know for certain the unit is being used.
    3. Not a Lot of Commitment If something unexpected occurs on the jobsite you can take a rubber tracked rental unit off of rent, but you can’t always turn around and sell a piece of equipment that you have purchased.
    4. Minimal Repair When renting, maintenance and repair of your rubber tracked unit is minimized to routine or wear and tear items. Any repairs above and beyond that are typically covered by the equipment rental company. In some cases, when a rental unit breaks down, companies like Rig Source will swap out any broken down units and replace it with a fully functioning one so there is no loss of down time.
    5. Tax Advantages Certain tax advantages exist for businesses that choose to rent equipment, and allow for monthly rental payments to be expensed as a reduction in income. In turn, may lower a business’s tax burden. (Please consult your tax advisor prior to renting equipment to make sure that you qualify).

    Seasonal work definitely has its obstacles and a key component to overcoming them is to remain flexible. Tis the season for snow in Chicago right now, but it won’t be long until the April showers are upon us. Be sure to plan ahead and turn to rubber tracked rental units that prove to be perfect for seasonal work.

  2. Did You Know Your Crawler Carriers “Address” is Always Changing?

    November 22, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Aerial view of Rig Source Inc.Recently the thought crossed my mind that someday my great grandchildren might be shocked to know we all had street addresses to identify where we live. Modern day GPS (global positioning system) allows a common person the ability to locate any coordinate on earth with minimal effort and you’re guaranteed to have no two the same. Is the future “address” of everyone’s home or business destined to be a GPS coordinate?

    While we have no control over our future address system we do have control in knowing where we are at any given time by checking our smartphones or GPS tracking devices. Similarly, this modern technology has given fleet managers control of locating their rental equipment and gathering important information.

    Picture this, you send your crew to a new job site and upon arrival two of the crawler carrier rentals scheduled to be used on the job aren’t there. At first, panic sets in, but then you realize all you need to do is log into your GPS tracking account via a web portal or mobile app to locate the exact coordinates of these crawler carrier rentals. This saves you and your company time and money.

    Most GPS service providers that supply these devices on crawler carriers can report a variety of critical information. Some of these reports can include exact location of crawler carriers, time operating under load, and overall performance. The ability to access information such as hours in operation allows technicians and maintenance crew to schedule upcoming service and ensure the parts needed are available. Performance reports help fleet managers determine the most cost-effective way to operate their rental fleet as well as plan for future rental equipment additions. Not only do these features help you, but it brings a new level of credibility to your company when new rental customers are looking for a dependable organization to do business with.

    Having all of this real-time data at your fingertips 24/7 is a value that’s hard to put a price on. The era of GPS is already changing the way society does business for fleet management so it only seems fair to believe that it’s a matter of time before things like our addresses start following suit. Why not test it out and see just how near or far this change may be? Next time someone asks you for your address go ahead and give them your GPS coordinates instead to see what kind of reaction you get!


  3. Just How Many Synonyms Are There for Rubber Track Crawler Carriers?

    November 15, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Terramac®, RT9 carrier, Morooka, Morooka Buggy, IHI, and tracked carrier are all terms we commonly associate to mean the same thing, Rubber Track Crawler Carriers. If I had to define a rubber track crawler carrier, I would describe it an off road utility vehicle with continuous tracks, specifically made of rubber. I give my own definition because the term has never actually been defined in the dictionary; which is somewhat of an astonishing concept. We’ve clearly branded this specific type of vehicle, use it daily on job sites, and have even come up with shortened, unofficial names for them, but have never given them a definition.

    crawler carrier timelineThe creation of these rubber track crawler carriers has an extensive history filled with multiple transformations over the years, beginning with the continuous track itself. The actual originator of the continuous tracks is difficult to designate because there is a long line of patents dating back as far as 1770. The concept of continuous tracks caught the attention of inventors worldwide and each would adjust, tweak, and patent their own unique track laying mechanisms. One of particular interest to me was James B. Hill and his patented term, “apron traction” because he was working in Bowling Green, Ohio, home of my own Alma Mater at the time of his patent creation.

    While a great deal of groundwork was laid by these inventors in previous centuries, none truly resemble the modern tracked carriers we use today. General use of these crawler carriers took off in the 20th century with increased use in agricultural, construction, and the military. At this time, most continuous tracks were made from steel, and all three industries learned that the large surface areas of the tracks allowed for a greater distribution of weight, making these vehicles less likely to get stuck in adverse ground conditions. Rubber tracks were finally introduced in 1913 when inventor, Adolphe Kègresse constructed and patented them. He discovered the rubber track to be lighter causing less environmental damage. Additionally, they were quieter and stronger which proved crucial for military combat situations.

    Currently, companies like Rig Source Inc. rent and sell these rubber tracked crawler carrier units to construction, utility, and pipeline companies that work directly on job sites. These particular industries use them for many of the same uses as in the 1900’s such as low ground pressure, ability to operate in rough terrain, and ability to carry heavy loads. Recently, Rig Source added a new line of crawler carriers manufactured by Terramac® LLC. Rig Source was introduced to the RT9 unit which is quickly becoming the most innovative rubber tracked crawler carrier on the market for its versatility in attachment features.

    So how after all these years has the rubber tracked crawler carrier escaped a dictionary definition? It’s obvious from the long line of historical data that these vehicles are of great importance, regularly receiving technological advancements, and making a known impact in society; so why not give them the official recognition deserved by a definition?

  4. 3 Tips to Avoid a Headache When Renting a Crawler Carrier

    November 6, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    There are a limited number of options available for those looking to rent crawler carriers. It’s a niche market and most rental companies simply don’t carry the various types of crawler carrier units. Likewise, when you do find those few companies that offer what you need, prices can be high and quality is always a questionable issue. So take a moment to read these tips on how to select the right rental crawler carrier before diving in.

    1. Factor in price, availability, and distance. When calling around in search of a rental crawler carrier, be sure to ask these three things. Each has potential to play into one another, and it is always helpful to play out the different scenarios before making a selection. Simple differences such as short or long term rentals and distance can quickly raise or lower your overall rental costs. All three of these factors will fluctuate depending on your need, but just be sure to ask these pertinent questions. Better to educate yourself early on so you can avoid those shocking discoveries later.
    2. Look for excellent customer service. Every rental agency is going to offer varying levels of customer service, and probably has a reputation for it. Find out what that reputation might be and what technical service is offered in the case a breakdown ocurrs before committing. Completing a simple Google search will usually bring up the good, bad, and the ugly about any company so be sure to utilize the resources you have. Additionally, if your rental unit breaks down, how quickly will the provider offer you support and assistance. Break down time costs you money, and an excellent rental agency will recognize that, and work to have you up and running quickly.
    3. Lastly, don’t be “that” company. Often times while renting, and this goes for more than just crawler carriers, but users don’t report mistakes or accidents.  Fear of huge repair fees will deter them from making the reports even the most respectful know they should. Reporting is huge for a rental agency because it allows us to identify the problem in order to fix it accurately and in a timely fashion. If not for you, but for the next guy. Damage and accidents are bound to occur with rental equipment and most rental agencies are aware of this. Be honest and put in the effort to build a relationship with the rental agency of choice. It’s a well-known fact that long lasting and honest customers can reap some of the best benefits, such as better rates, more flexibility, and even customized plans.

    Chances are if you’re in the market for a rental crawler carrier you have a job to do, a deadline to make, a boss to please, and the added stress of having to hunt down the equipment to use. Variety of crawler carriers lined upDon’t let all of the above get the best of you. Follow these three tips and you will find this task doesn’t need to be so daunting. To get started on your rental crawler carrier search, call Rig Source Inc. today at 630.365.1649 or view our online rental showroom. We are a one stop shop for your rental equipment needs, and offer high quality rental equipment at reasonable prices and more!

  5. Get ‘Em While They’re Hot – Rental Units Available!

    October 10, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Don’t let the recent sunshine fool you. Rainy conditions are upon us so don’t wait to book your rental units today!

    Rig Source has a variety of crawler carrier rental units that will keep your company pushing forward while the weather conditions hold the other guys back. The crawler carrier is built to go where wheeled vehicles cannot, and Rig Source has a variety of sizes and brands available in their rental unit fleet. Some of the available crawler carrier makes and models are listed below:crawler-carrier-fleet

    • Morooka MST-800VD
    • IHI IC-45
    • Morooka MST-1500VD
    • IHI IC-70
    • Morooka MST-2200VD

    Rig Source will work closely with you to provide you with the best fit attachment piece for the selected crawler carrier. Custom bed configurations can include: a flatbed, dump bed, rock bed, crane and 1,400 gallon water tank. Additionally, Rig Source has tracked mounted drilling equipment available for rent like the CME-55 mounted on a TCX-850. This rental unit comes fully equipped with an auto hammer, break-out wrench, wire line winch, and Moyno pump. It is the ideal rental unit for the geotechnical and environmental driller. drill-rig-rentalsGeoprobe® direct push rental units have also been made available during this rainy season. Rig Source has the 420M, Power Packs, and 7822DT’s. These particular units are used for the geotechnical and environmental drilling industry as well and excellent options for those looking to do soil penetration testing. To lock in your rental unit with Rig Source while units are still available, call Bryan today at 630.365.1649 or check out our rental showroom!

  6. News: Terramac® is at ICUEE

    October 1, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Visit Terramac® ICUEE in booth #N2030! The International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) tradeshow is located at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Lousiville, KY!

    Terramac® at ICUEE 2013

    The show runs from October 1-3 so stop by and learn why roads are not required with the Terramac® RT9 rubber tracked crawler carrier. Terramac® will be raffling off an Orca cooler each day for anyone that signs up for a demo of the Terramac® at ICUEE. All winners will be announced on the Terramac® Facebook page. For additional ICUEE tradeshow information, visit the Terramac® website. Rig Source is a proud distributor of Terramac®.

  7. Crawler Carrier Trade In

    September 19, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source took in four used Morooka crawler carrier units on trade with Courtney Construction, and in return they purchased two, new Terramac RT9’s crawler carriers. picRig Source immediately added the Morooka units to their crawler carrier rental fleet, and Courtney Construction is utilizing the Terramac® RT9 crawler carriers on pipeline projects throughout the US. Courtney Construction has been in the pipeline industry for a number of years and specializes in construction, inspection, and maintenance. It is imperative for them to maintain safe and reliable equipment in their fleet, and upgrading to the Terramac® RT9 crawler carrier did just that. If you are looking to upgrade, replace, or purchase equipment, give us a call at 630.365.1649! Rig Source will find a way to work with you to make your next drill rig or crawler carrier purchase as simple as possible.

  8. Rig Source Company Picnic Was a Huge Success

    September 16, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Companies, Rig Source and Terramac® hosted their inaugural company picnic at Lions Park in Elburn, Illinois Saturday, September 7th. Employees and their families had the opportunity to come together for a fun filled sports day, dinner, games, raffles, prizes, and one competitive 16 inch softball game. All ages were invited to participate in the day’s events, and we had an amazing turn out combined with great weather.Group-Softball2

    The younger children were fascinated with their water gun and kite giveaways, and the adults took turns testing out the custom made bag sets that were raffled off later in the day. Teen girls, Alicia, Sarah and Calee Luna quickly took over the volleyball court showing up some of our very own club league players while Team Terramac, led by Terramac® sales representative Bobby Dawson, took the softball game win with an overall score of 9-8.

    A delicious buffet style dinner was served later in the evening followed by a generous raffle of prizes. Many guests walked away as winners of various gift cards, coolers, and bag sets in addition to goodie bags full of freebies. The picnic turned out to be a wonderful way for employees to get to know one another, and we are looking forward to making the picnic a company tradition for years to come.

    For a complete photo album from the company picnic, “Like” us on Facebook!

  9. Get to Know the Terramac RT9

    June 19, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Terramac RT9 sales representatives will be exhibiting at the 59th Annual International Education Conference hosted by the International Right of Way Association.  Tmac with booth # -June 23-26, 2013- Stop by Booth # 110 of the Charleston Civic Center located in Charleston, WV and learn how the most innovative rubber track carrier can be customized to fit your needs. If you don’t get the opportunity to make it out and you would still like to learn more about the Terramac RT9, please give us a call (630)365-1649.

  10. J-Wood Contracting Utilizes Terramac RT9 Rental Crawler Carrier

    February 28, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    J-Wood Contracting is using a Terramac RT9 rental crawler carrier from Shafer Equipment in Clendenin, WV, on a ROW pipeline project. Shafer Equipment's Terramac RT9 Rental Crawler Carrier

    J-Wood Contracting located in Elkview, WV, is using a Terramac RT9 rental crawler carrier with a dump bed mount for a pipeline right of way clearing project. They are able to transport sandbags and skids to areas that normally wouldn’t be accessible by wheeled vehicle.  J-Wood Contracting, LLC was formed in 2004 to provide pipeline construction services to the natural gas industry. Since their inception 9 years ago,   J-Wood has installed over 120 miles of pipe ranging from 1-inch plastic to 20-inch steel.

    To learn more about the Terramac RT9 rental crawler carrier or to learn about other customizable attachments, call 630-365-1649.

  11. Terramac: Improve Productivity with Crawler Carriers

    January 17, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Terramac RT9 crawler carrier by Rig Source in Construction Business OwnerRead about how Terramac can help “Improve Productivity with Crawler Carriers”. The Terramac RT9 is part of a two-page spread in the “Equipment Matters” section of the magazine, “Construction Business Owner” (page 42-43). Article talks about “Tracking the Industry” touching on common mounts, such as the flat beds and dumpers and moving towards further innovation and customization to allow for new exciting uses – scissor lifts, mulch blowers, mat carriers, epoxy coating machines, welding units, personnel carriers, water tank carriers, etc.  In addition, the article discusses decisions about “Choosing a Carrier” and the specifics to look at when selecting a rubber track crawler carrier. Ask about the new Terramac RT9 sales and rental availability!  Additional crawler carrier brands are also available used – for sale or for rent. For more information about Rig Source crawler carriers, give us a call at 630-365-1649. Links for Reference: – Rig Source crawler carriers for sale – Rig Source crawler carrier rentals – Terramac rubber track carrier (direct site)

  12. 2 Terramac RT9 Crawler Carriers Added to Shafer Equipment Fleet

    January 9, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    CLENDENIN, WV – Terramac, LLC announced recently that Shafer Equipment, LLC added 2 Terramac RT9 crawler carriers to their rental equipment fleet.

    Shafer buys Terramac carriersThe two RT9 rubber track carriers have mounted dump beds, but units have the availability for a separate undercarriage option which allows OEMs or contractors to mount their own equipment (flat beds, dump beds, digger derricks, tack units,  water tanks, cranes, scissor lifts and more).

    President of Shafer Equipment, Jim Shafer, has over 40 years’ experience with sales and rentals of pipeline construction equipment, within the utility pipeline industry.

    Shafer's RT9 Crawler Carriers Loaded On a Truck

    For more  information about Terramac tracked dumpers, give us a call at 630-365-1649.