1. Helping Companies Grow – One Drill Rig At A Time

    July 25, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source has an outstanding reputation for getting customer’s into the drill rigs that best suit their needs, and we continue to do so time and time again. Most recently we helped a company by the name of MLA Labs as they increased the size of their drilling rig fleet.

    When MLA Labs began experiencing a new company growth, they realized their need for some new equipment was soon to follow. That’s when they reached out to us here at Rig Source for some details on our geotechnical and environmental drill rig selection. Not long after their first phone call with owner, Mike Crimaldi did MLA Labs purchase “their nicest piece of equipment to date,” according to Shauna of MLA Labs. That piece of equipment happened to be the Simco 2800 drill rig. (more…)

  2. Simco 2800 Drill Rig: The Perfect Geotechnical Drill for a Great Price

    January 31, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    The Simco 2800 drill rig is back from paint, and we opted to remain loyal to the original equipment manufacturer by keeping the drill rig white.

    Over the last few weeks our shop team has been hard at work bringing this used drill rig back to “like new” standards. The end result has been nothing short of phenomenal, Simco 2800 Before and After Transformationand we are extremely proud of our shop team for their amazing effort, excellent work, and overall skill.

    Restorations Needed

    This Simco 2800 drill rig came to us mounted on a Ford F-550 with a cracked windshield, torn up bench seat, burnt out engine module, a tear in the deck floor, a weak drill frame, and a great deal of maintenance repairs needed. Quite the laundry list if you ask me. However, our talented team got right to work. One step at a time they fixed every bit to bring this Simco 2800 drill rig back to life.

    Obstacles Faced

    It’s not say we didn’t encounter some troubles along the way, but our shop team did a great job managing their time while progress on the Simco 2800 drill rig was at a standstill. The team battled receiving incorrect parts, unexpected mechanical issues, the holiday bustle, and worse, the cold winter shop thanks to this extra special Chicago winter!

    Simco 2800 Drill Rig for Sale

    Now that the transformation is complete, we are offering the Simco 2800 to YOU! It’s been built to last, refurbished by the best, and can be yours by calling 630.365.1649. You may also view the current Simco 2800 drill rig web listing on our website, along with other environmental and geotechnical drill rigs for sale.

    To see the entire transformation process in detail view the previous blog posts:

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  3. Simco Drill Rig Transformation: Find Out What Halts Progress

    December 20, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Nothing kills a deadline like down time, and that is exactly what happened to the Simco drill rig project this week. When I last left off, our shop team had placed an order for some custom parts, and unfortunately we ended up receiving the wrong order. Things could be worse, but it is still down time that we didn’t want in the middle of a project.

    All things considered, we were able to complete some reinforcements on the drill’s frame, and once the correct parts arrived our team was quick to jump right back into the project. As the new parts went into place, the Simco drill rig transformation really started to take hold. To finish off the week, a newly upholstered seat was installed and a new electric engine module was connected. Thankfully, due to our team’s hard work we are still on track to meet our targeted completion date.

    Below are a few photographs that highlight their accomplishments.

    Collaboration of Various Simco Restoration Photos

    In the coming days, the Simco drill rig will make its way into the second stage of repairs at Rig Source. We will transfer the drill rig to our mechanical shop where it will undergo routine maintenance such as fixing an oil leak and running fluid checks. Once maintenance is complete, Rig Source will send the drill rig to paint to give it the finishing touch. Check back next week to find out what color the rig was painted!

    This rig is still available for purchase; however, if we don’t have a buyer it will be added to our rental fleet upon completion. For purchasing or more information on the Simco drill rig project or its progress, please call Rig Source today at 630.365.1649.

  4. Simco Drill Rig Transformation: Starting Off with a Mess

    December 12, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    I left you last time with what many would call a “laundry list” of repairs to be done on the Simco drill rig. Now that a week has gone by I figured it would be best to check in on the unit’s progress, and see what the Rig Source shop team has been up to.  Although the unit needed much attention, to my surprise, a great deal of work was done given it had only been a week. The team loves a good challenge and the guys were ready to transform the Simco drill rig in order to give it new life and be a great asset in the field.

    Simco drill rig restoration progression

    Disassembling the Simco Drill Rig

    As you can see in photographs, the drill frame has been removed for reinforcement and the bench seat is out for repairs. The shop team also placed an order for new custom 3/8 slide frame brackets that will be used on the unit. These will be an upgrade from the standard 1/4 slide frame brackets that simply just don’t last.

    Repairs Completed

    Only a few repairs can be considered complete on the Simco drill rig thus far since the majority of time spent on this drill rig went into assessment of the unit. It is also helpful for you to understand that this transformation project is not the only one being worked on by our shop team at this time. It is best to follow the work rather than use these blogs as a timeline for how long a drill rig transformation will take. After all, each unit is going to come to us with unique needs that create a variable time.

    Two items from our list that did come to completion in the last week were the replacement deck and windshield. Welder, Ryan White reinforced the drill rig deck with a new piece of diamond plating since the previous deck was severely worn. Similarly, the new windshield arrived and was installed on the Ford F550 truck that is being used to mount the Simco drill rig.

    That’s a wrap for this week’s updates. Rig Source eagerly awaits parts, but as more completions come to fruition, our readers will be the first to know! While you wait, give us your thoughts or send us ideas on what you would like to see next in our project series. If you’re interested in purchasing this Simco drill upon completion, or have any questions regarding the work being done please call 630.365.1649.

  5. Simco Drill Rig Transformation You Need to See to Believe

    December 4, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    imco Drill Rig Before Repairs

    Rather than watch another home renovation or weight loss makeover why not stay up-to-date with our latest Simco drill rig transformation. During my time in the heavy equipment industry I’ve come to learn that people want details! Most of our customers as well as prospective clients want regular updates on equipment repairs, photos of progress, and a testament to what we do as a company. Just think, would you pay a plumber before seeing your newly installed toilet, or a personal trainer if you never learned a new exercise?

    Rig Source completes full service repairs on drill rigs and crawler carriers on a daily basis, and we often take our inside knowledge of each units progress for granted. That is about to change as I take you through the first of many equipment transformation projects, beginning with the Simco drill rig.

    This Simco Drill Rig is mounted on a Ford F-550 truck and was purchased by Rig Source owner, Mike Crimaldi on an “as is” basis. Mike’s spent a lifetime in the drilling industry, and was quick to see all the hidden potential of this Simco drill rig. Close Up of Simco Repairs to be madeUpon arrival, Rig Source’s talented shop team completed an inspection to detect every aspect of the drill rig that needed attention.

    The most obvious of issues was the cracked windshield and torn up bench seat on the interior. However, there were other concerns such as a burnt out engine module, a tear in the deck floor, and a weak drill frame. 

    Each one of the issues found during inspection of the Simco drill rig were reasoned as items our service department is more than equipped to handle, and our guys are eager to start transforming. As they do, be sure to follow their progress, and allow us to show you just what are service department is capable of. Watch closely as we give you everything you need to see to believe because if you like it, we just might sell it to you!

  6. Wanted: Drill Rig and Crawler Carrier Pictures

    September 21, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Camera with Crawler Carrier PicturesThe Rig Source 2012 Calendar. – How exciting!  We are currently working very hard on the new 2012 Rig Source calendar and would love to showcase your equipment. If you have purchased any Rig Source drill rigs, equipment or crawler carriers or have used any of our custom fabrication and repair services, we want your pictures for our calendar. We’d love to see your Rig Source equipment in action out on the job site or doing something cool! If you are interested in submitting your drill rig or crawler carrier pictures to Rig Source, please call 630-365-1649. (Rig Source will consider all images sent in for print.)

  7. Rig Source Offers High Quality Restoration of Drilling Rigs

    July 7, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source offers restoration services. We can transform various makes and models into like new drill rigs.  We have an expert team of mechanics and welders that can help make your vision a reality for any truck drill remount project or carrier mounted drill project.  Rig Source can also help with winch installations, beds, toolboxes, storage compartments and water tanks. Before & After Shots of Custom Fabrication for Drilling Rigs Rig Source can provide you a great refurbished machine with the best quality of craftsmanship service.  Our custom solutions service the environmental, geotechnical, core drilling and pipeline industries. We look forward the opportunity to help fit your precise requirements and provide you the best service and solutions. Feel free to contact at: 630-365-1649 with any specific needs or questions.