1. Rig Source sells a Geoprobe® 6620DT to Matrix Environmental

    October 14, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Geoprobe 6620DT RebuildRig Source has just refurbished and delivered another Geoprobe® 6620DT to Matrix Environmental for a job site in Ohio. Matrix has long used Rig Source for past rentals, such as a 420M, 6620DT, and 7822DT for various jobs across the Midwest.  They utilize their Geoprobe® fleet to provide quality field sampling services to the environmental and geotechnical markets.   Some of the specific environmental field services Matrix provides include:  soil core, groundwater, soil gas sampling, direct sensing, installation of monitoring parts, auger and core drilling, injection of products for remediation and mobile lab analysis. Contact us today for more information on our Geoprobe® equipment for sale and for rent, 630-365-1649 or info@rigsourceinc.com .

  2. Rockwell Drilling Services Purchase a Geoprobe® 6610DT

    September 27, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rockwell Drilling Services: Geoprobe® 6610DTGeoprobe® 6610DT at Work Repaired and Repainted Geoprobe® 6610DT. – Rockwell Drilling Services is the new owner of a recently sold Geoprobe® 6610DT unit for use within the environmental drilling industry. This 6610DT has been completely repaired and repainted for Rockwell drilling and is already being used on job sites globally.  In the photos, as seen above, Rockwell Drilling Service is using the Geoprobe® 6610DT drill at Rose Hill, a suburb in Sydney, Austrailia.  Rig Source is proud to add Rockwell Drilling Services to our list of International clients. Rig Source can ship equipment on an international level and can also provide quality repair services on many Geoprobe® direct push drills, similar to this 6610DT.  Feel free to look at more information about our direct push drills or custom repair services.

  3. Wanted: Drill Rig and Crawler Carrier Pictures

    September 21, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Camera with Crawler Carrier PicturesThe Rig Source 2012 Calendar. – How exciting!  We are currently working very hard on the new 2012 Rig Source calendar and would love to showcase your equipment. If you have purchased any Rig Source drill rigs, equipment or crawler carriers or have used any of our custom fabrication and repair services, we want your pictures for our calendar. We’d love to see your Rig Source equipment in action out on the job site or doing something cool! If you are interested in submitting your drill rig or crawler carrier pictures to Rig Source, please call 630-365-1649. (Rig Source will consider all images sent in for print.)

  4. RENTALS – New Geoprobe® 7822DT Added to Rental Fleet

    August 16, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    New Geoprobe® 7822DT Rental UnitJust Added to the Rig Source Rental Showroom. – Rig Source takes delivery of a new Geoprobe® 7822DT this week to help meet the needs of our direct push rental customers. This Geoprobe® 7822DT direct push drill comes equipped with the new Geoprobe® GH64 percussion hammer and GA4000 augerhead that offers more flexibility for different conditions and limited access areas. Feel free to visit our online showroom or call 630-365-1649 for weekly or monthly rental rates and additional information.

  5. Rig Source Top 6 Drill Rig Rentals

    July 14, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Drill Rig Rentals: Diedrich D-50 Track Mounted Drill RigDrill Rig Rentals: Geoprobe 6620DT RentalDrill Rig Rentals: Diedrich D-120 Track-Mounted Drill Rig Need a drill rig? Consider our drill rig rentals options. If you aren’t in the market to buy a new or used drill rig, we have an alternate option for you! Rig Source offers both Diedrich and Geoprobe track-mounted rental drills. Our top 6 drill rig rentals include:

      • Diedrich D-50 Drill Rig   • Geoprobe ® 420 M Direct Push   • Geoprobe ® 540MT Direct Push Unit   • Diedrich D-120 Drill Rig   • Geoprobe ® 6620DT Direct Push Unit   • Geoprobe ®7822DT Direct Push Unit

    Want convenience? Just tell us where to ship it! Keep in mind that we can ship drill rig rentals anywhere through out the US and Canada. Rig Source also offers great rental rates on a weekly or monthly rate, depending on your specific needs. Contact us and we’d be happy to help! For rental drill rig listings, browse our Online Rental Showroom or call today for pricing and availability 630.365.1649.

  6. Rig Source Offers High Quality Restoration of Drilling Rigs

    July 7, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source offers restoration services. We can transform various makes and models into like new drill rigs.  We have an expert team of mechanics and welders that can help make your vision a reality for any truck drill remount project or carrier mounted drill project.  Rig Source can also help with winch installations, beds, toolboxes, storage compartments and water tanks. Before & After Shots of Custom Fabrication for Drilling Rigs Rig Source can provide you a great refurbished machine with the best quality of craftsmanship service.  Our custom solutions service the environmental, geotechnical, core drilling and pipeline industries. We look forward the opportunity to help fit your precise requirements and provide you the best service and solutions. Feel free to contact at: 630-365-1649 with any specific needs or questions.

  7. Ambient Technologies, Inc. Acquires a Geoprobe® 6620DT Rebuild

    March 3, 2011 by Mike Crimaldi

    Geoprobe 6620DT Rebuilt

    One of Rig Source’s newest customers, Ambient Technologies, Inc. makes a decision on a Geoprobe® 6620DT rebuild.  Ambient has worked with Rig Source for the past year and trusted the relationship that they developed through our rental services.  Ambient is a multi-disciplinary group of companies that provide geophysical, drilling, utility locating, non-destructive testing, energy conservation and generation, and geo-construction support services.  Ambient has used our Diedrich D-50 and D-120 rental units to complete some of their environmental drilling projects.  Now, they can take this Geoprobe® 6620DT rebuild and put it to work on upcoming and future projects. To learn more about Ambient Technologies, Inc. visit www.ambienttech.com.

  8. Refurbished Geoprobe® 54DT for Zebra Environmental

    February 24, 2011 by Mike Crimaldi

    Refurbished Geoprobe® 54DT for Zebra Environmental

    Paul Fleischmann, President of Zebra Environmental, requested to have their first Geoprobe® 54DT unit refurbished by Rig Source.  Rig Source completed the project and the unit is ready to be put back into Zebra’s fleet of direct push units.  Zebra has rented Geoprobe® 6620DT units from Rig Source on occasion and knew that Rig Source was a good choice to refurbish their own Geoprobe® 54DT unit.  Zebra Environmental is a specialized environmental contracting company located in Lynbrook, NY and has a fleet of over 20 DPT units, including the newest Geoprobe® models. Rig Source Inc. has had the pleasure of working with Zebra Environmental since 2005.  To learn more about Zebra Environmental visit www.zebraenv.net.

  9. Geoprobe 6610 Rebuild for CRA Services

    January 7, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

    Geoprobe 6610 Direct Push Unit Rig Source has just completed rebuilding a Geoprobe 6610 for CRA Services. CRA Services is located in Kalamazoo, MI. A newly refurbished Geoprobe6610  allows CRA Services to continue providing top quality work. Rig Source can refurbish your machine to like new condition, or look to Rig Source’s rental fleet to tackle any job. Rig Source carriers all sizes of Geoprobe units, Diedrich drill equipment, and Morooka or IHI carriers.

  10. Geoprobe 6610 Rebuild and Geoprobe Rentals

    November 23, 2010 by Rig Source Inc.

    Inside the Geoprobe 6610 Rig Source rebuilds a Geoprobe 6610 for client, CRA Services. Rig Source has a shop team who can fabricate your machine to like new condition. Lineup of Geoprobe 6610 Units & Many More Geoprobe Rentals Rig Source has a fleet of Geoprobe units of all sizes for all geotechnical drilling needs. Rig Source offers monthly and weekly rates. Call today to schedule your Geoprobe rental.

  11. Geoprobe 7822DT added to Rig Source’s Fleet

    November 16, 2010 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source's Latest Geoprobe 7822DT Rental UnitRig Source Inc. has added a new Geoprobe 7822DT to meet the demand. Rig Source continues to build up its fleet of direct push machines for the current market requirements.