1. Accidents Happen but Drill Rig Damage is Repairable

    March 31, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

    The next time you roll your trailer while hauling your rig – Rig Source to the rescue!

    Has anyone ever lost something out of a car window or worse watched an item fall off the back of a truck bed? How many of you have rolled your trailer while carrying your drill rig to its next destination? I can’t say that I’ve rolled a trailer, but watching my couch fly was a site to be seen. Regardless of the item you lose or damage in an accident, two things remain the same: 1) be glad you’re safe & 2) be prepared to repair or replace.

    True Stories of Drill Rig Accidents

    The fact of the matter is accidents do happen and unfortunately more often than we would like to admit. Rig Source has advised many customers who have encountered these types of drill rig accidents over the years but a couple recent accidents include a Geoprobe and a Diedrich drill rig.

    The first incident was a Geoprobe® 6620DT drill rig which took a spill similar to the ones described above. During the accident, the Geoprobe® withstood some damage such as bent parts that required repair before the unit could go back to work safely.

    Rig Source received the Geoprobe® 6620DT shortly after its accident and immediately inspected the unit for any and all possible damage. “The number one factor to consider during rig repairs is always safety. During our thorough inspections, we are able to find all problems, and require our customer’s to fix problematic findings prior to putting the units back to use,” says Mike Crimaldi, owner of Rig Source Inc.

    Therefore, after a full inspection, Rig Source went straight to work and fixed the damaged direct push unit using all genuine Geoprobe® replacement parts. To everyone’s surprise, the Geoprobe® 6620DT didn’t obtain as much damage as one would expect from an accident so our customer decided to do a few extra maintenance items while the unit was in the shop.

    Repaired Drill Rig Damage

    Geoprobe® 6620DT Repair List:


    • Replaced bent parts
    • Rewired fuse panel
    • Replaced cables, hoses & tracks
    • Oil change
    • Fresh paint

    The second drill rig accident occurred with a Diedrich D50 which rolled along with its trailer during transport. With this particular unit, the owners were not as lucky as the first. After Rig Source completed their inspection of the Diedrich unit, it was determined that the amount of repairs needed were far beyond the value of the unit. Similarly, our mechanics openly communicated safety concerns which could pose a threat to future drillers if the unit was to be repaired. For everyone’s well-being, rather than repairing this Diedrich D50, Rig Source opted to work alongside the customer to find them a replacement rig that was affordable and met their needs.

    Not everyone has the luck of the first customer mentioned, but with the experience our shop team has working on these rigs we can do some powerful repairs. Our guys are second to none, and are always there when you need them. Likewise, our team is dedicated to you so even if we recommend a drill rig to be scraped because we can’t safely put it back to work, our sales team will help you get back into the action with a replacement drill.

    What’s the worst accident you’ve encountered with your equipment? What kind of damage did you have? Give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649, and we’ll inspect and repair your drill rigs from top to bottom or replace them to get you back in safe working order in no time.

  2. Refurbished Geoprobe® Heads to Michigan

    March 23, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

    Taking care of your drilling equipment is paramount to maintaining a successful business in the Geotechnical Drilling industry.

    We all know safety is an important aspect of the drilling industry, but to drill safely it requires a great deal of detail which involves proper, well maintained equipment. Maintenance and repair go a long way to ensure your equipment is up to par, and in return allows your company to provide accurate services with confidence. Having quality equipment also gives companies the professional edge to establish and maintain clientele, complete work efficiently and protect the safety of their drillers. All key strengths that lead to success!

    Mannik & Smith Group is one company that recognizes the importance of keeping quality well maintained drills in their geotechnical fleet. In fact, they just got their Geoprobe® 6620DT direct push unit serviced by Rig Source in order to keep their company on the path to success. James, a seven year direct push driller, was excited when he picked up this newly refurbished Geoprobe® drill.

    “I’m anxious to see how smoothly the serviced rig works. First I’m taking the Geoprobe® 6620DT to Michigan for some geotechnical work and then I’ll be heading to Ohio to start another project. ” says James.

    Standard Direct Push Drill Refurbishment Includes:
    • General Maintenance: oil change, filter replacements, etc.
    • Repair: hoses, tubing & new control panels
    • Paint: sandblast & paint

    If you would like to keep your business on the forefront of success in the geotechnical drilling industry, it’s highly recommended that you don’t let your equipment slip. Be sure to give your drilling equipment the care it needs to excel. After all, high quality equipment directly reflects upon your business by how well you are able to complete your geotechnical jobs and satisfy customers.

    For help refurbishing your direct push equipment, give Rig Source a call at 630.365.1649 today!

  3. Hiring Now – Shop Manager & Sales Representatives

    September 24, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Now Hiring - Shop Manager and Sales RepresentativeWhether you’re in search of a new career or just seeking advancement, the opportunities provided by Rig Source are truly endless – Just ask our existing team!

    Rig Source is a privately held company which provides sale & rental drill rigs & crawler carriers to a number of industries such as: geotechnical, environmental, exploration, pipeline and even general construction. Our company is growing rapidly, and we are seeking additional team members to assist with this growth.

    We are highly reputable among the customer’s we serve as well as the team we employ, and are in search of candidates that possess the skills necessary to ensure Rig Source is continually maintaining an unprecedented degree of support to our customers. For this reason, we’re seeking knowledgeable candidates with entrepreneurial spirits to join our shop and sales team.

    “Rig Source has been in business for over ten years, offers competitive pay, insurance and one of the best work environments around.” – Matt Slater, Director of Sales (more…)

  4. Education and Demonstration: Geoprobe® Training

    May 8, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    It was a long week with these guys out of the office for Geoprobe® training, but they’re back and more knowledgeable than ever before on Geoprobe® products. Naturally, Rig Source strives to provide you with the most up to date Geoprobe® equipment and tooling so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we went out of our way to give our guys some extensive Geoprobe® training at Geoprobe’s annual open house event.

    Different than in years past, we sent multiple employees to view Geoprobe’s new equipment, receive field demonstrations, and enhance their knowledge of Geoprobe’s equipment and tooling. Being a sales and rental center equipped with Geoprobe® direct push units as well as Geoprobe® tooling, we find opportunities such as this necessary to enable us to offer the most up to date and accurate product information for our customers.

    Employees to Recieve Geoprobe® Training

    Geoprobe® Training Open House

    This year’s open house highlighted the new Geoprobe® 8150LS Rotary Sonic, new Geoprobe® 3230DT rig, new Geoprobe® 3.75 in. tooling and new sonic dual tube systems. In addition to their new rollouts, Geoprobe® held a variety of workshops and demonstrations for the day that allowed our team to interact with other industry leading drillers that use the equipment on a daily basis.

    Below is what Bryan Sarsfield, Rig Source rental coordinator had to say about his Geoprobe® training opportunity.

    “The tour of the Geoprobe® facility was very educational. Watching the Geoprobe® 7822DT take soil samples, and seeing the new sonic rig in action was quite impressive. Being able to see first-hand how the products we provide and the work Geoprobe’s are used for is critical in gaining a complete understanding of the product. I will certainly be able to use what I learned to better serve our customers at Rig Source, and am looking forward to doing just that.”

    Along with our rental coordinator, Rig Source sent parts man, Dan Nestmann and sales representative, Jesse Whittaker to Geoprobe® training to better assist you with your Geoprobe® direct push sale or rental and tooling purchases. If you thought Rig Source was good before, we just got better! To purchase or rent a Geoprobe® direct push unit or Geoprobe® tooling, please feel to browse our current selection online or give us a call at 630.365.1649.

  5. Have You Ever Seen A Souped-up Geoprobe®?

    February 25, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Souped Up Geoprobe® 6610Going Above & Beyond the Standard

    Most drillers see a Geoprobe® as just another tool used for soil sampling in the geotechnical and environmental industry, and don’t necessarily expect to see such units with a flawless physique. However, there is a first for everything, and Rig Source had the pleasure of souping-up their first Geoprobe® unit. The outcome was nothing short of eye-catching.

    Rig Source completed this project for our long standing customer, Environmental Group Services Limited (EGSL). Typically, EGSL brings their Geoprobe® 6610 in once a year for a tune up and general maintenance. This time around it was determined that they would add some bells and whistles to protect the major impact points that end up getting worn while on the job.

    In an interview with Bill Lennon, a project manager that has been with EGSL for the last ten years stated,

                    “We like to keep our equipment as functional and pristine as possible.”

    Not a bad idea when you’re consistently presenting equipment in front of customers, and want to maintain a professional appearance. It’s like the saying goes, dress for the position you want not the job you’ve got.

    The Maintenance & Upgrades

    EGSL certainly has the right idea when it comes to servicing their Geoprobe® unit once a year for general maintenance. One of the biggest challenges they face with equipment is having it function properly during the winter months, and general maintenance will ensure these units do just that.

    As far as upgrades, Rig Source added diamond plating to the major impact points that EGSL requested some extra protection for. The diamond plating is capable of withstanding the rough wear and tear that Geoprobe® units receive in operation. Ultimately, these upgrades should prevent chipping and rusting that can make units appear to be run down.

    Putting a Souped-up Geoprobe® To Work

    Seeing that this Geoprobe® 6610 is the only direct push unit that EGSL currently uses, it is constantly on the move around the Chicagoland area as seen in the working photograph below. On the before photo you’ll notice that select locations look a little rough around the edges while on the after photos the unit looks good as new and shows off the new diamond plate.

    Before, After & Working Photographs of a Geoprobe® 6610

    If you are looking for a Geoprobe® for sale or looking to tune up or upgrade your current Geoprobe® unit, call Rig Source today at 630.365.1649. We have a full service department that will exceed your expectations, and get you the direct push unit best suited for your needs.

    Additionally, if you have a quick job to do, look into Geoprobe® rental units by Rig Source. We offer various daily, weekly and monthly rates to help you get your job done!

  6. Top 10 Hottest Drill Rig and Crawler Carrier Rentals for 2014

    January 29, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Statistics are in and the list of 10 hottest drill rig and crawler carrier rentals for 2014 has been created for your viewing pleasure. Use this list to find out what rental equipment you should be reserving before it’s gone.

    Crawler Carrier Rental Equipment

    1. Morooka MST-2200VD Crawler Carrier is the largest crawler carrier offered in our rental fleet. It has the highest carrying capacity among crawler carriers, and offers the capability of mounting a VacMaster System 1000 on the back. The Morooka MST-2200VD is versatile to many industries, but finds a great deal of popularity in the pipeline.
    2. Geoprobe® 7822DT Direct Push rental units are hard to come by because very few people put them in their rental fleet. The Geoprobe® 7822DT unit is best utilized in the environmental drilling field for soil sampling prior to building or land transactions.
    3. Terramac® RT9 Crawler Carrier is the latest machine on the market. The Terramac® RT9 offers a variety of mounting options and has a larger carrying capacity than other units in its class. Renters are choosing Terramac® RT9 units as a means of testing out the modern technology prior to purchasing new.Morooka and IHI crawler carrier rental equipment
    4. IHI IC-45 Crawler Carrier units are small in size and can maneuver into tight spaces where larger units cannot. Similarly, IHI IC-45 crawler carrier units can be shipped relatively cheap since three units fit as one load.
    5. Diedrich D-120 Track mounted Drill Rig is a big hit for the geotechnical industry. The Diedrich D-120 has higher torque allowing deeper penetration for soil testing than others in its class. These rental drill rigs also come equipped with an automatic SPT hammer.
    6. Morooka MST-800VD Crawler Carrier is well liked among the construction industry because it has the lowest price point for a crawler carrier. This smaller sized Morooka MST-800VD is similar to the IHI IC-45 crawler carrier unit can be shipped three per load.various drill rig rental equipment
    7. IHI IC-100 Crawler Carrier is primarily used for larger sized jobs associated with the pipelines. It is well liked for carrying supplies with either a dump or flat bed.
    8. Morooka MST-1500VD Crawler Carrier is considered your middle of the road unit for its size and price point. Utility companies favor the Morooka MST-1500VD, but this crawler carrier offers a number of benefits to various other industries as well.
    9. Diedrich D-50 Track mounted Drill Rig is well liked in the geotechnical industry. It has many of the same capabilities as a Diedrich D-120, but doesn’t reach quite the same depth. Therefore, it is often times used on smaller projects.
    10. CME 55 Track Mounted Drill Rig is another great drill rig for smaller projects. The CME 55 has fairly similar capabilities in comparison to the Diedrich D-50 so it too is favored by environmental drillers. The deciding factor between the Diedrich D-50 and CME 55 often times comes down to brand preference or familiarity.

    Need more help deciding which drill rig or crawler carrier rentals you’ll need this year? Give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649. Not only will he get you into this year’s hottest, but he will make sure you have all the attachments and extras to keep your business running all year long.

  7. Saving Money with Used Geoprobe®

    October 23, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Labella Associates, P.C. located in New York figured out how to add money to their bottom line with a used Geoprobe® unit. Labella is a renowned architecture, engineering, planning and consulting firm that recognized they could save money by doing direct push projects in house with a Geoprobe®. In an effort to reduce cost for both the company and clients they sought out a solution, and quickly turned to Rig Source. Our outstanding sales team was able to assess Labella’s needs, and get them an immediate set up with a used Geoprobe® 54LT direct push unit. The Geoprobe® 54LT is photographed below with Labella’s Senior Environmental Geologist, David Engert and is now being used by Labella’s construction division to complete soil sampling during the environmental and planning stages of service.Dave Engert Standing by Geoprobe 54LT The Geoprobe® 54LT was the environmental direct push unit of choice ultimately for its size which allows for excellent remote access and low clearance ability. The Geoprobe® 54LT unit only needs 8ft of clearance in order to use 4’ tooling. This kind of clearance allows the Geoprobe® to be used both indoors and out which is ideal for the architecture business. Now that Labella has their own Geoprobe® direct push unit they plan to take over their own soil sampling during construction projects and reduce the use of contractors. This will eventually save money for both their business and clients. Save your company money, and call Rig Source at 630.365.1649. Our dedicated sales team would be happy to help you find the best Geoprobe® unit for your needs and at great prices – Call Now!

  8. Get ‘Em While They’re Hot – Rental Units Available!

    October 10, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Don’t let the recent sunshine fool you. Rainy conditions are upon us so don’t wait to book your rental units today!

    Rig Source has a variety of crawler carrier rental units that will keep your company pushing forward while the weather conditions hold the other guys back. The crawler carrier is built to go where wheeled vehicles cannot, and Rig Source has a variety of sizes and brands available in their rental unit fleet. Some of the available crawler carrier makes and models are listed below:crawler-carrier-fleet

    • Morooka MST-800VD
    • IHI IC-45
    • Morooka MST-1500VD
    • IHI IC-70
    • Morooka MST-2200VD

    Rig Source will work closely with you to provide you with the best fit attachment piece for the selected crawler carrier. Custom bed configurations can include: a flatbed, dump bed, rock bed, crane and 1,400 gallon water tank. Additionally, Rig Source has tracked mounted drilling equipment available for rent like the CME-55 mounted on a TCX-850. This rental unit comes fully equipped with an auto hammer, break-out wrench, wire line winch, and Moyno pump. It is the ideal rental unit for the geotechnical and environmental driller. drill-rig-rentalsGeoprobe® direct push rental units have also been made available during this rainy season. Rig Source has the 420M, Power Packs, and 7822DT’s. These particular units are used for the geotechnical and environmental drilling industry as well and excellent options for those looking to do soil penetration testing. To lock in your rental unit with Rig Source while units are still available, call Bryan today at 630.365.1649 or check out our rental showroom!

  9. New Geoprobe® Video

    August 23, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source captured some excellent footage of the 2013 Geoprobe® 7822DT.

    Watch as mechanic, Chris West towers up this Geoprobe® unit, lowers the auger, and demonstrates the winch moving up and down. Anyone in the geotechnical or environmental field will appreciate knowing Rig Source has added two more of these Geoprobe® 7822DT’s to their rental fleet in addition to the Geoprobe®6712DT units that were previously available. As always, used Geoprobe® units are also available for purchase through Rig Source.

    For Geoprobe® purchase or rental information, call Rig Source today 630.365.1649.

  10. Earth Science Engineering Adds Geoprobe® 6620DT to Fleet

    October 11, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Geoprobe® 6620DT Added to FleetEarth Science Engineering in Clarksville, TN just added a Geoprobe® 6620DT to their growing fleet of equipment. The Geoprobe® 6620DT is used by Earth Science Engineering for soil testing; they recently just completed an 11 – hole project. The compact size of the Geoprobe® 6620DT gets into confined spaces and is easy to maneuver through shallow water, soft sands or muddy fields. Rig Source also has Geoprobe® 6610DT, 7730DT and 7822DT direct push units available for sale or rent.  Interested in buying a used Geoprobe®? Contact us by phone 630-365-1649. Take a look at the Geoprobe® rental showroom or sales showroom.

  11. Geoprobe® 6610DT in Sydney, Australia

    May 4, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Geoprobe® 6610DT Sold By Rig SourceA couple weeks ago, Rig Source attended Geoprobe’s® open house in Salina, Kansas. Rig Source has been renting and selling used Geoprobe® 6610DT units to customers for years. Geoprobes are versatile solutions for those who need continuous soil core sampling, discrete soil sampling, coring for monitor well installations and much, much more. Geoprobe® track units are great for those who have unusual job sites too (for example on hills and in buildings). The most popular Geoprobe® units recently purchased or rented by our customers include the: 6610DT, 6620DT, 7730DT and 7822DT units. The pictures shown here were sent in by international client, Rockwell Drilling, using a Geoprobe® 6610DT drill purchased from Rig Source.  The job site is at a recycling plant in Homebush near the Sydney Olympic Park Stadium where the 2000 Olympics were held. Interested in renting a Geoprobe®? Looking for a used Geoprobe®? Give Rig Source a call today 630-365-1649 for more info!

  12. Customer Spotlight: Earth Solutions Utilizes Drill Rigs

    April 16, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

    Drill Rigs in Action by Earth SolutionsEarth Solutions offers geotechnical and environmental drilling services, along with private locating and GPR services to the Chicago area. Rig Source provides drill rigs, tooling, parts and service so that Earth Solutions can handle a variety of jobs including: •  Auger Drilling • Geotechnical Drilling • Rock Coring (HQ) • Chemical Injections • Direct Push Sampling • Concrete Coring • Packer Testing • Test Pits We’d like to give a big thanks to the founders of Earth Solutions who are not only long-time customers, but long-time friends.  We are proud to serve local drilling contractors like Earth Solutions in order to increase their company’s efficiency in a cost-effective way. If your company would benefit from renting or buying a Geoprobe or crawler carrier, please be sure to sign up to receive emailed equipment listings. To see what we have on hand today, call 630-365-1649 and let us know how we can help YOU!