Rockwell Drilling Services Purchase a Geoprobe® 6610DT

September 27, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

Rockwell Drilling Services: Geoprobe® 6610DTGeoprobe® 6610DT at Work Repaired and Repainted Geoprobe® 6610DT. – Rockwell Drilling Services is the new owner of a recently sold Geoprobe® 6610DT unit for use within the environmental drilling industry. This 6610DT has been completely repaired and repainted for Rockwell drilling and is already being used on job sites globally.  In the photos, as seen above, Rockwell Drilling Service is using the Geoprobe® 6610DT drill at Rose Hill, a suburb in Sydney, Austrailia.  Rig Source is proud to add Rockwell Drilling Services to our list of International clients. Rig Source can ship equipment on an international level and can also provide quality repair services on many Geoprobe® direct push drills, similar to this 6610DT.  Feel free to look at more information about our direct push drills or custom repair services.

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