1. Hiring Now – Shop Manager & Sales Representatives

    September 24, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Now Hiring - Shop Manager and Sales RepresentativeWhether you’re in search of a new career or just seeking advancement, the opportunities provided by Rig Source are truly endless – Just ask our existing team!

    Rig Source is a privately held company which provides sale & rental drill rigs & crawler carriers to a number of industries such as: geotechnical, environmental, exploration, pipeline and even general construction. Our company is growing rapidly, and we are seeking additional team members to assist with this growth.

    We are highly reputable among the customer’s we serve as well as the team we employ, and are in search of candidates that possess the skills necessary to ensure Rig Source is continually maintaining an unprecedented degree of support to our customers. For this reason, we’re seeking knowledgeable candidates with entrepreneurial spirits to join our shop and sales team.

    “Rig Source has been in business for over ten years, offers competitive pay, insurance and one of the best work environments around.” – Matt Slater, Director of Sales (more…)

  2. Shop Talk – Conventional Oil vs. Biodegradable Oil

    September 19, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Whether you’re buying new or just looking to switch your used crawler carriers or drill rigs over to biodegradable oil – Rig Source is knowledgeable and equipped to support your needs.

    Every crawler carrier and drill rig requires oil for smooth and safe operation, but there are a number of things to consider ensuring you are getting the most out of your equipment. With all the hype and increased regulation surrounding the idea of maintaining environmentally friendly equipment, it’s no surprise that a number of industries are now choosing to use biodegradable oil.  Biodegradable oil has gained a highly notable reputation for being less toxic and reducing our dependency on imported petroleum, according to former environmental driller and current drill rig sales representative, Jesse Whittaker.

    Despite this, there are a few more considerations that the Rig Source team would recommend taking into account before choosing between conventional and biodegradable oil for your new and used crawler carriers or drill rigs.

    Consider This…conventional oil vs. biodegradable oil

    1) Oil Compatibility – Carefully analyze the characteristic differences between the oil you are currently using compared to what you are considering using. Conventional and biodegradable oils have different characteristics, and often require more cleaning and preparation than just draining the old and filling the new. Poor conversions can lead to break downs, additional wear and tear and even higher operating temperatures.

    2) Cost – Both conventional and biodegradable oil require maintenance over time. However, depending on your oil selection, certain oils often require additional additives to properly function which could raise the cost of maintenance and overall operation of your crawler carrier or drill rig.

    3) Unit Design – Be sure to look at the details of the operating system on your crawler carrier or drill rig. Depending on the type of materials used and overall design, it could affect the way your equipment handles different types of oil. Using the wrong kind of oil will increase the likelihood of increased wear and tear.

    4) Equipment’s History – Any good mechanic will tell you that the lubricants and fluids you put into your crawler carrier and drill rigs eventually become a part of the equipment itself. Once a piece of equipment is accustomed to a specific type of oil, changing it has the potential to shock the operating system. Therefore, it’s important to assess the advantages and disadvantages to prevent making any unnecessary changes that could hinder the life of your equipment.

    If you’ve taken the time to review your oil options, and still have questions regarding which type of oil is right for your crawler carrier or drill rigs – Call Rig Source at 630.365.1649. Our shop team keeps up with the various industry changes and advancements, including those intended to increase environmentally friendliness!

    *For safety and superior operation, it is highly recommended by Rig Source that you seek professional advice prior to switching oils or using oil that is not listed in your unit’s owner’s manual.

  3. Drilling Rig Remount Services – Fast, Efficient & Customized

    August 13, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.
    Your heavy duty drilling equipment can only go as far as its mount will take it which is why Rig Source offers drilling rig remount services to broaden your range.

    Remounting drilling equipment is quite typical in the drilling industry, and drillers will often times remount the same drill rig numerous times throughout the course of its life. They do this to ensure accessibility and dependability of their rigs. No driller wants downtime, and by having their drill mounted to the most versatile vehicle will get them where they need to go will help eliminate downtime.

    Why Go Through The Hassle Of A Drilling Rig Remount?

    Wayne Nash, a contributing author for the National Driller wrote a piece on drill rig remounts called, “Considerations When Remounting a Drilling Rig.” In his article, Wayne came to the conclusion that drilling rigs need remounts throughout their lifetime for two main reasons.

    • Drill rig technology doesn’t change rapidly which means drill rigs usually outlast the trucks they’re mounted on.
    • Road or field conditions make use of trucks completely obsolete so alternative mounts such as tracks become a necessity.

    Both his points solidify the need for reoccurring remounts, but finding experienced individuals to complete the task successfully or sometimes just the time to get it done can be difficult.

    Rig Source Gets It Done

    Rig Source specializes in remounting and servicing drill rigs. In fact, providing drillers with custom drilling rig remounts has played a huge role in the company’s success. Since then, Rig Source has spent the last ten years perfecting how we can excel at meeting our customer’s needs by providing customer’s the drilling rig remounts they need and deserve. Below is two of the most recent drilling rig remounts executed in our shop.

    Boart Longyear LF90D Drilling Rig Remount CME Drill Remount
    Boart Longyear LF90 – In a hurry? We remounted this Boart Longyear LF90 in less than a day!

    CME Drill – Trading in your wheels for tracks? We supplied the Morooka MST 800 & completed the remount.

    Stuck in a bind or just looking to modernize your rig? Call Rig Source today at 630.365.1649 where we specialize in drilling rig remounts. There is no telling where your next drilling job will land you, but it is important to have versatile equipment to take you there, and reliable support to get you there.

  4. Products Made from Crude Oil & Other Uses for Crude

    July 25, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Crude Oil Products Infographic


  5. Helping Companies Grow – One Drill Rig At A Time

    by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source has an outstanding reputation for getting customer’s into the drill rigs that best suit their needs, and we continue to do so time and time again. Most recently we helped a company by the name of MLA Labs as they increased the size of their drilling rig fleet.

    When MLA Labs began experiencing a new company growth, they realized their need for some new equipment was soon to follow. That’s when they reached out to us here at Rig Source for some details on our geotechnical and environmental drill rig selection. Not long after their first phone call with owner, Mike Crimaldi did MLA Labs purchase “their nicest piece of equipment to date,” according to Shauna of MLA Labs. That piece of equipment happened to be the Simco 2800 drill rig. (more…)

  6. As Promised: More Rental Personnel Carriers

    July 15, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Meeting the demand for personnel carriers has had its challenges, but we did it for YOU!

    In the last few weeks, our shop team here at Rig Source has been busy preparing additional rubber tracked rental personnel carriers to meet the ever growing demand among the pipeline and environmental and geotechnical drilling industries.  Now that the work is complete, they are available, and you can reserve your rental personnel carrier any time by calling us at 630.365.1649.

    Rental Personnel Carriers Added to Fleet Include:


    Terramac® RT9 with Personnel Carrier Front ViewTerramac® RT9

    Personnel Carrier

    25 Person Capacity

    Mid-Sized Crawler Carrier

    Less than 4.0 psi

    IHI IC-45 Personnel CarrierIHI IC-45

    Personnel Carrier

    10 Person Capacity

    Smaller-Sized Crawler Carrier

    Less than 4.0 psi

    Why Make The Call?

    Simple, tracked rental personnel carriers are rare and have been found to be THAT helpful! It’s the most efficient method for transporting crews that has proven benefits such as the ability to transport everyone in one trip, increased cab safety, available storage space for tooling, and is even considered environmentally friendly thanks to the low ground pressure of rubber tracked crawler carriers.

    Getting your rental personnel carrier from Rig Source has benefits within itself as well. We have a solid reputation for providing our customers with the nothing short of the best in customer service. We offer competitive weekly or monthly rental rates that will fit into your schedule, and shop teams to ensure the units arrive and remain in full working order throughout your rental term.

    Browse Our Site for More

    For more detailed information regarding each of these new rental personnel carriers, visit our crawler carrier rental showroom where you may view the complete web listing. Not only will you find our new rental personnel carriers, but you will also gain access to a variety of other rental crawler carriers that you may find just as useful on your next project.

  7. What We’ve Got That Others May Not

    July 9, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Monica and GrantAs Rig Source celebrates its 10th year in business, we continue to honor our employees as they each celebrate their own achievements and longevity at Rig Source. You may have already noticed a handful of employee recognitions go out, but the fun has just begun. We have six more months to go and many more fabulous employees to share with you. After all, without these wonderful employees, Rig Source would not be what it has become today.

    This spring, Rig Source is honored to be celebrating anniversaries for both Grant Harbecke and Monica Coenen. Grant has been a team member for two years, and serves as a shop apprentice while Monica joined our team a year ago as the company’s marketing manager. You almost wouldn’t think these two have much in common, but the truth is they couldn’t be more alike in the sense each goes above and beyond their assigned duties to enhance the overall workflow of the company.

    Behind The Scenes Making Lasting Impressions

    Grant came to us as an apprentice to learn the mechanical and welding trade and daily does just that. He is truly dedicated to his position and is an eager learner. Through his time as an apprentice he has become an asset to our shop team, and consistently offers his assistance to those around him. From prepping equipment to assisting with repairs to general building maintenance, Grant has proven to be a hard worker willing to climb the ladder.

    Monica was a delight to welcome to our team right from the start as well. Coming from a background in marketing and graphic design to seeking out the challenge of learning a new industry with increased responsibility was a natural progression for her. During her time here she has managed to bring regularity to our marketing department, and enhance communication processes. Monica’s strong character allows her to take on more one should, and yet she still presents the Rig Source team with fresh ideas regularly.

    While neither one of these roles may be present to those on the drilling forefront, their friendly aura and willingness to conquer whatever lies ahead, does spread throughout the Rig Source workplace. It is because of employees like Monica and Grant that Rig Source as a whole maintains such an incredible work environment that even our customer’s want to be around.

    Above & Beyond

    There is something to be said about going above and beyond in your workplace role. It gives you an advantage to move from just an employee to company asset, and here at Rig Source we are proud that Grant, Monica and the rest of the Rig Source staff take such great pride in our business that they choose to do just that. It is certainly something every customer should remember when searching for a crawler carrier and drill rig rental source – A personable, dependable and knowledgeable staff like ours at Rig Source!

  8. A New Spin At Rig Source

    June 30, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source is proud to offer our first Komatsu CD60 rotating crawler carrier unit for sale or rent. The Komatsu CD60 puts another spin on tracked carriers that provides users a greater degree of maneuverability. If you’ve enjoyed the benefits of a rubber tracked crawler carrier in the past get ready to be amazed by what additional features this unit offers.

    Tight Spaces Require Rotation

    While working within space constrictions, it is not easy to find the exact equipment you need to get the job done and also protect your surroundings. Typically, something has got to give, but when you partner with Rig Source. We have found that while many of our customers benefit from use of standard crawler carrier units, there is still a large number of markets that need a little extra something, like rotation!komatsu cd60 rotating crawler carrier unit

    This is why Rig Source decided to offer you the option to buy or rent a Komatsu CD60 rotating crawler carrier. The Komatsu CD60 features a 360 degree rotating cab and bed which will allow you to enter and exit tight spaces on the jobsite without having to actually turn the entire unit and risk digging the rubber tracks into the unstable ground. Along with this, the Komatsu CD60 rotating crawler carrier requires less space for operations since it has the ability to spin and doesn’t need to turn. Both prove to be added bonuses for companies that need a little more than just low ground pressure on their jobsites.

    Give It a Whirl – Buy or Rent a Komatsu CD60

    If you’ve got work to do and are confined to small spaces to do it, try out our latest equipment addition, the Komatsu CD60 rotating crawler carrier. Rig Source is certainly excited to be featuring yet another new model of equipment to our customer base. It is our goal to keep up with the changing and growing needs of our customers, and as of right now, we believe the Komatsu CD60 rotating crawler carrier is the spin you need.

    For additional information on the Komatsu CD60 rotating crawler carrier available for sale or rent, give us a call at 630.365.1649. A member of our team would be happy to discuss the benefits and details on this unit with you.


  9. Limited Time Rental Deal

    June 10, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    You’ll never fail getting your crawler carrier rentals from Rig Source, especially if you call and make your reservations now. We have an extensive fleet of crawler carrier rentals available, BUT they are slipping away fast. As spring weather came around so did many new job opportunities for various industries, including pipelines and general construction. Between these two industries alone, customers have found numerous ways to use these multifunctional units, and the flexibility and cost savings of a rental have been extremely beneficial.

    Available Crawler Carrier Rentals Include:

    Morooka MST-800VD

    Terramac® RT9

    Crawler Carrier with Crane

    Morooka MST-1500VD

    IHI IC-45

    Crawler Carrier with Personnel Carrier

    Morooka MST-2200VD

    IHI IC-100

    Crawler Carrier with VacMaster

    How to Grab Hold of the Deals

    At Rig Source, we carry all the brand name crawler carrier rentals you need, and offer outstanding customer service and equipment support to go with it. Just by calling and mentioning this blog you are automatically eligible for 5% off your next crawler carrier rental*. Along with this, you still receive our competitive rental rates that provide the flexibility of weekly or monthly rental terms that work best with your needs and schedule. It is and always will be our goal to get our customers the support they need by providing them with only the best in crawler carrier rentals so get the experience and price you deserve on crawler carrier rentals by calling Rig Source today at 630.365.1649.

    *Offer valid to all customers for July’s rental rate. Must mention this deal to have discount applied.

  10. Rig Source: Drilling Support One Decade Later

    May 22, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.
    Rig Source Inc. celebrates 10 years of providing service and support to drilling contractors and crawler carrier users worldwide.

    10 Year Anniversary for Drilling Support ServicesTo say the least, it has been a wild ride as Rig Source progressed from a small drilling support company to becoming the international sales, rental and drilling support center many of you know today. The immeasurable amount of success that has come from, and continues to come from Rig Source has surprised even the owners, Mike and Lisa Crimaldi.

    Dedication Delivers Rewards

    I recently had the opportunity to interview President, Mike Crimaldi on the couple’s accomplishments in the drilling industry over the last ten years, and it was truly an honor to hear his humble story. During the interview Mike had this to say,

    “I have a great deal of loyalty to the drilling industry since it was not too long ago, that I myself was a driller. I knew this company wouldn’t fail because I wouldn’t let it, but I never realized it would go global. The fact that we’ve made it ten years gives me a great sense of pride that I have been able to maintain my loyalty to the industry and fulfill my role in providing drilling support to so many remarkable drilling contractors.”


  11. Education and Demonstration: Geoprobe® Training

    May 8, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    It was a long week with these guys out of the office for Geoprobe® training, but they’re back and more knowledgeable than ever before on Geoprobe® products. Naturally, Rig Source strives to provide you with the most up to date Geoprobe® equipment and tooling so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we went out of our way to give our guys some extensive Geoprobe® training at Geoprobe’s annual open house event.

    Different than in years past, we sent multiple employees to view Geoprobe’s new equipment, receive field demonstrations, and enhance their knowledge of Geoprobe’s equipment and tooling. Being a sales and rental center equipped with Geoprobe® direct push units as well as Geoprobe® tooling, we find opportunities such as this necessary to enable us to offer the most up to date and accurate product information for our customers.

    Employees to Recieve Geoprobe® Training

    Geoprobe® Training Open House

    This year’s open house highlighted the new Geoprobe® 8150LS Rotary Sonic, new Geoprobe® 3230DT rig, new Geoprobe® 3.75 in. tooling and new sonic dual tube systems. In addition to their new rollouts, Geoprobe® held a variety of workshops and demonstrations for the day that allowed our team to interact with other industry leading drillers that use the equipment on a daily basis.

    Below is what Bryan Sarsfield, Rig Source rental coordinator had to say about his Geoprobe® training opportunity.

    “The tour of the Geoprobe® facility was very educational. Watching the Geoprobe® 7822DT take soil samples, and seeing the new sonic rig in action was quite impressive. Being able to see first-hand how the products we provide and the work Geoprobe’s are used for is critical in gaining a complete understanding of the product. I will certainly be able to use what I learned to better serve our customers at Rig Source, and am looking forward to doing just that.”

    Along with our rental coordinator, Rig Source sent parts man, Dan Nestmann and sales representative, Jesse Whittaker to Geoprobe® training to better assist you with your Geoprobe® direct push sale or rental and tooling purchases. If you thought Rig Source was good before, we just got better! To purchase or rent a Geoprobe® direct push unit or Geoprobe® tooling, please feel to browse our current selection online or give us a call at 630.365.1649.

  12. Crawler Carrier Parts Tie Everything Together – Do You Have The Right Ones?

    April 29, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Parts make up the whole so it is imperative every crawler carrier part you select is created with quality and durability in mind. From the smallest bearing to the largest set of tracks, when one piece breaks it causes a breakdown of the entire unit which most, simply cannot afford.


    Nothing angers you more on the job site than finding out your crawler carrier is down. It’s frustrating, time consuming, costly and a hindrance to your project as a whole. It’s even worse when you can’t find the replacement crawler carrier parts, or when you finally find them and can’t get them delivered in a timely manner. Since many crawler carriers are built by companies oversees, that is also where you will typically find their parts inventory. It’s not accommodating and certainly isn’t going to help you get your crawler carrier back up and running quickly.

    Where To Find Quality Crawler Carrier Parts & Tracks

    Being a sale and rental center for crawler carriers, Rig Source was quick to pick up on this need, and has invested a great deal into developing an entire crawler carrier parts and tracks department. Our department is complete with a full stock of readily available parts and tracks for various crawler carrier units including, Terramac®, Morooka and IHI.

    Rig Source’s Crawler Carrier Parts Inventory Includes:

    • Joystick Conversions – Morooka TCX/LTX Set
    • Planetary Drives
      • Breaks
      • Floating Seals
      • Main Bearings
      • Hub Pressure Reliefs
      • Drive Motor Seals
      • Hydraulic Motors
    • Undercarriage Parts
      • Bushings
      • Pivot Shafts
      • Lower/Upper Rollers
      • Rear Idlers
      • Roller Rebuild Kits
      • Sprockets
      • Tension Cylinder
    • Replacement Rubber Tracks
      • Single Track or Set

    Additionally, we have a superb service team knowledgeable of crawler carriers, and what keeps them running in tip top condition. They are committed to guiding you into the right parts and tracks purchase the first time around. We are also willing to educate you on the parts and tracks your purchasing so you too can become an expert on maintaining your crawler carrier.

    To place an order with Rig Source, it is quick and simple. Just give us a call at 630.365.1649 and speak with a member of our service staff. We are here for you when your crawler carrier isn’t, and look forward to providing you the parts and tracks to get your crawler carrier back now, not later!

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