1. Some Things Should Be Left to the Professionals

    March 16, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

    Don’t wait until your half way in to realize you’re in over your head with drilling rig service & repair.

    Do you ever catch yourself starting a project just to leave it half way complete? Better yet do you create lists of things you’d like to do and never quite get around to actually doing it? The good news is you are not alone! All too often our customer’s come to us mid project or after years of allowing their units to sit before they finally decide to hand it off to our shop.

    While Rig Source will take on just about any project during any stage of work, we don’t always recommend it – for your sake not ours! Here at Rig Source, we’re set up to support you so why not just start with us and save yourself the hassle. Using a professional doesn’t mean you’re not capable of doing the work yourself, and it doesn’t always cost you more when you look at the big picture. More often than not, it’s just sensible.

    Just in case you’re still on the fence, consider the 3 points below and then determine if your project is manageable or better left in the hands of the professionals.

    1. Time: You don’t have it & we do. Consider how long your rig will be sitting before you’re schedule allows you the time to tinker with it. Professionals are available all day, every day, and commit to meeting your deadlines.

    2. Down Time: If it’s not working, you’re not making money. The amount of down time the drill rig gets while you contemplate the when’s and how’s to fixing it can end up costing you more than the professional’s labor costs.

    3. Expertise: You’re a driller so your expertise is working the rig while we’ve got highly skilled mechanics whose expertise is repairing it. Professionals spend their lives working on drill rig repairs and know most rigs inside and out just as you know the ins and outs of drilling.

    Sample Drill Rig Remount Project

    CME 55 Remount Before & After Photos

    Bore & Core Drilling needed a remount and came right here to Rig Source after realizing time was of the essence. This CME 55 drill was remounted to a Morooka MST 800 crawler carrier so it could accommodate Alabama’s terrain, and upon customer request was painted black on black.

    To get in touch with us or to schedule your drill rig unit for service, remount or repair call 630.365.1649. Interested in viewing more of our work? Continue browsing our blog or join us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest shop projects and updates!

  2. Career Development in the Oil and Coal Drilling Industries

    March 9, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.
    Your Future in Drilling: Career Development Tracks in the Mining Industries


    If you’re considering a career in the coal mining, oil, or gas industries, you might not have a clear picture of how your career will progress. Your education, goals, and salary desires can all affect what path you might take in your mining industries career. Let’s drill down into what arcs your career path might make.

    Possible career paths for workers in the oil and coal drilling industries.


    First of all, it’s important to note that all entry level positions in the mining industries are paid hourly, meaning that the estimated salaries in this infographic are conservative, given that many in the industry work more than a 40-hour week. Jesse Whittaker, a Sales Rep at Rig Source who grew up in West Virginia and has been working in coal mining since the age of 16, knows the reason behind this: unpredictability.

    “There is no standard day on a drill rig,” says Jesse. “You could work 8 hours in a day and everything would be fine, or you could have an issue in the hole and be there for 18 hours.”

    Most high school graduates will begin as a miner or laborer, earning from $37,000-45,000/year for operating heavy mining machinery, drill blasting holes, transporting coal, and laying out and building underground mines, according to Indeed. Most miners fall between the ages of 20-45, according to WiseGeek; with that in mind, working in the drilling industry may be ideal for a young person without a family at home, since the job requires so much time away from the family.

    Miners or laborers can advance to an equipment operator miner, whose job duties include safely and efficiently operating mining equipment. The top rung of this career path is foreman, where one can earn $80,000-89,000/year for supervising miners, meeting quotas, and maintaining an efficient work environment.

    College graduates searching for a job in coal mining can explore careers as geologists or mechanical engineers, depending on their interests. A geologist researches formation dissolution and content of rock layers, and he may also study variation in rock formation and densities. A mechanical engineer, meanwhile, earns $73,000-89,000/year for designing machines and mechanical installations, evaluating machinery, and setting up work control systems.

    From there, an employee can advance to the role of mine manager, which comes with a significant salary increase and additional responsibilities of staffing management, performance evaluation, and promotion of a safe work environment. While a college degree isn’t necessary for a mine manager, only 17% have a high school diploma as their highest degree (for comparison’s sake, 43% hold a Bachelor’s Degree and 27% hold a Master’s Degree).

    Finally, a college graduate’s career in coal mining might culminate as an executive operations manager or mine engineer, both high-level roles earning around $100,000/year. A mine engineer is responsible for planning and designing mines for maximum structural stability, while the executive operations manager leads and managers operation teams.

    A crucial requisite to working in the oil and gas industries is being physically strong. In these career fields, you’re required to 100-150 pounds of equipment regularly. The physical nature of jobs on drilling rigs isn’t for everyone.

    A high school graduate will begin in the oil and gas drilling industries as a hand on an oil drilling rig, conducting inspection on oil drilling equipment, assisting the driller during operations, and ensuring the accuracy of fuel inventories for around $40,000/year. From there, he will advance to a driller, ensuring compliance with all regulating bodies and supervising drilling activities such as core drilling or exploration drilling. Eventually, he may become a tool pusher, supervising daily drilling rig operations

    A college graduate, on the other hand, may enter the oil and gas industries as a petroleum geologist, gaining valuable experience and knowledge in rock formations and mineral samples that could eventually pave the way towards becoming a CEO. The next rung on the ladder is drilling operations manager, managing daily operations and planning various drilling projects, such as exploration drilling, and revising them as necessary. Finally, a drilling operations manager may be promoted to a drilling/petroleum engineer, specializing in the production and placement of wells, earning around $104,000/year according to Salary.com.

    No matter which career path a budding worker in the mining, oil, and gas industries may choose, there’s one thing necessary for career success: autonomy. Being able to work well on your own and being self-directed is key to advancing in your career in the drilling industry.


  3. Extreme Flexibility – Knuckle Boom Cranes

    February 27, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

    What do you get when you mix the versatility of a rubber tracked crawler carrier and the functionality of a knuckle boom crane? That’s right, our title says it all – EXTREME Flexibility!

    Scroll through our album and view every angle of this customized crawler carrier with knuckle boom crane attachment, and learn how its use can benefit a variety of industries.

    The Crane Itself

    The ability to use knuckle boom cranes ultimately simplifies an operator’s loading process by giving them more functionality. The knuckle boom crane has multiple joints which increases its range of motion and reach for objects. It also takes up very little space on the carrier itself since it mounts tight against the operator’s cab. This set up provides users the ability to use crane functions while maintaining full functionality of the crawler carrier as well.

    This combination carrier unit with knuckle boom crane has been found to be rather useful for pipeline and utility companies alike that use it for moving large items along the job site and clearing paths for equipment and crew. It has even been used for drilling support as drillers transport equipment to and from remote locations. Customers who have experienced using various pieces of equipment in the past readily flaunt how handy the crawler carrier with knuckle boom crane was to have on their job sites. These same customers have the tendency to return to us time and time again – Quality equipment leaves a lasting impression!

    Buy or Rent

    At Rig Source, these custom knuckle boom crane units are available for both sale and rent. Whether you have a short term or long term need, we’ve got you covered.  We offer various rental rates and affordable pricing on all our custom crawler carrier units, and diligently work with you to ensure your every need is being met. No two jobs will ever be the same so give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649 to gather the latest carrier with knuckle boom crane attachment information. While you’re at it, test our flexibility and share your challenges with us. We’d love the challenge, and you’ll only benefit from our solutions!

  4. Control Panel Upgrades Sure to Simplify Your Life

    February 17, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

    Many old drill rigs run great and have affordable price tags making them extremely desirable, but there is just one minor issue – outdated control panels.

    You don’t think much of your drill’s control panel until it becomes a part of your everyday routine. It’s then that even the smallest issues can become annoyances that hinder your productivity. While there is nothing wrong with the way manufacturers made control panels back in the day, there are updates each company has made over the years to keep up with technological advancements. When you purchase used drill rigs, you don’t always obtain those most up to date features, unless you request it that is.

    Diedrich D-50 Control Panel

    The Diedrich D-50 is a perfect example of a top notch geotechnical and environmental drill rig that has undergone some changes over time, in particular with their control panels. Just a few years ago the Diedrich D-50 control panels were made with diverters. This meant that each control was actually responsible for multiple functions very similar to the way keys on a keyboard are responsible for both upper and lower case letters. In order for a driller to switch between two functions on older model Diedrich drills, they would rely on flipping controls from one position to another. Seems simple in theory but becomes burdensome real quick when you take into consideration the controls are not always in arms reach of your work.

    Have It All With Rig Source

    One way to overcome an outdated control panel is to buy new, but I’m here to let you know it’s not the only option. Drill rig specialty companies like Rig Source make it possible for you to have it all by keeping with that older unit and its affordable price tag while just upgrading the drills control panel. The cost associated with the upgrade has proven to be a great value to those not ready to invest in a new Diedrich drill.

    Rig Source’s Work

    Rig Source just completed these exact Diedrich control panel upgrades as well as a few more custom updates on a customer’s truck mounted Diedrich D-50 rig. The little annoyances built up over time, and eventually this client came to Rig Source requesting it receive a new control panel and new lower valve bank. In doing so, each control pictured below now has its own valve and individual function which has increased the driller’s productivity as a whole.

    Diedrich Control Panel Upgrade

    While it’s not always necessary to upgrade used drill rigs, this customer certainly found it beneficial to do so. Do you have a similar issue with your control panel? Need a custom drill rig upgrade? Share your thoughts with us or request more information at 630.365.1649.

  5. Discount on Crawler Carrier Parts

    February 2, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

    Inventory is complete, and Rig Source has a surplus of carrier parts so let the savings begin.

    As of February 1st, Rig Source announced a large crawler carrier parts sale that would run throughout the entire month. During this limited time offer universal crawler carrier replacement tracks for brand names such as Terramac®, Morooka and IHI units are 10% OFF, and there are numerous BUY 3 GET 1 FREE offers on rollers, bushings, sprockets, pivot shafts and much more. If you were considering some general maintenance on your crawler carrier units this year, a sale like this is definitely worth taking advantage of.


  6. Tight Spaces Require Special Features

    January 8, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

    Don’t let tricky drilling sites keep you from taking excellent job opportunities. Instead, look into drill rig and specialized options that have the potential to get you where you need to be.

    It’s no surprise to the drilling industry that certain jobs require a bit of resourcefulness. Experienced drillers have an innate ability and skilled eye to expose the challenges surrounding unique drill sites and teaming up with a creative company to find just the right drill rig solutions is exciting for all.

    Creative Solutions Uncovered

    The Diedrich D-25 drill rig is known for its light weight, ease of maneuverability and ability to do shallow drilling, but for the first time in history the D-25 rig was converted form a skid to a track to increase its accessibility even more. Below is a photograph of the rig after Rig Source converted the unit for Total Depth Drilling in Tennessee.


    Total Depth Drilling knew they needed the Diedrich D-25 for its size and the type of drilling at hand, but found the jobsite locations proved to be a bit trickier to reach than expected. They took their issue to Rig Source where owner, Mike Crimaldi was able to create and execute a conversion that worked for both the rig and user. Airing on the side of caution, Mr. Crimaldi worked closely with manufacturer, Diedrich Drill on the conversion plan. The conversion from skid to track will allow Total Depth Drilling to take their small Diedrich D-25 down hills and through creeks so they can continue to test borings while staying environmentally friendly.

    Diedrich D-25 ConversionTimes Are Changing

    There is no doubt that times have changed, and environmental sensitivity is becoming a greater concern than ever before. Many drillers are facing the difficulties of delicate terrain, but there are certainly affordable options out there to overcome them. If you catch yourself in a situation where your drill rig just doesn’t cut it quite like it should, give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649. We specialize in finding you the creative solutions to get the job done, and have over a decade of experience doing so.

  7. RPM Drilling Interview – Get It Straight From The Source

    November 4, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Word of mouth goes a long way in the drilling industry, and Rig Source is honored that RPM’s drilling staff finds the drill rigs we provide referral worthy.

    “As a growing company we needed to fill the gap in our equipment. Some of our staff had used drill rigs from Rig Source before, and had great things to say about them.”  – Les Maxwell, Manager at RPM Drilling

    RPM Drilling is a Geotechnical and Environmental drilling company in Ontario, Canada, and like many others drillers up North, have been taken over by increased demands in the industry. When the need for additional equipment came about, RPM’s drillers didn’t hesitate to inform Maxwell about the drill rigs they preferred to use – ours!

    News Clipping from RPM DrillingRig Source was able to work a deal with RPM Drilling over the purchase of a tracked CME 55 unit which has now joined the company’s fleet as their 3rd tracked drill rig to date and 4th overall. Within its first week on the job, the CME 55 drill had already completed three environmental drilling projects, and has been showcased at the First Nations Environmental Conference held in Thunder Bay. Having been put to the test early on, we’re pleased to report that the CME 55’s performance is also receiving compliments by both drillers and clients alike.

    When Maxwell was asked what the best part about working with Rig Source was, he responded with, “the communication”. In his business communication is the key to success, and Maxwell was thrilled to find that all of Rig Source’s staff was able to uphold his expectations. While this is something that Rig Source certainly strives for daily, it is always nice to hear straight from the source, our customers when we’re achieving success.

    If you’ve used or witnessed our drilling rigs and crawler carriers in action and like what you see, don’t forget to refer us. Your opinion of our equipment and services can go a long way, and our team at Rig Source makes sure to take note of your referrals and reward you for your support. For questions or information on our drill rigs or crawler carriers for sale and rent, please give us a call at 630.365.1649.

  8. Earth Drilling – Taking On All Sorts of Rigs

    October 28, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    If you name a geotechnical drill rig it’s likely that Earth Drilling has the rig in their fleet. In an effort to take on Canada’s increased drilling job market they have purchased 5 additional units.

    Earth Drilling noticed a large influx of drilling jobs in and around their Canadian offices, and it’s been quite the task staying on top of the demand. However, with the help of Rig Source, Earth Drilling was able to locate and purchase the additional geotechnical drill rigs necessary to accommodate their growing customer base. In fact, Earth Drilling hasn’t just added one rig to their fleet, but rather (3) Diedrich D-120’s and (2) Morooka MST 1500’s in the last two years which is very impressive.

    Earth Drilling's Latest Diedrich D-120 Drill Rig

    Latest Diedrich D-120 Drill Rig To Join Earth Drilling’s Fleet

    The two most recent units to ship from Rig Source to Earth Drilling were a Diedrich D-120 which was preceded by a Morooka MST 1500 flatbed unit. Similar to ones prior, these units will be utilized in Earth Drilling’s fleet to collect geotechnical and environmental drilling samples across all types of land formations. This is of course, the type of drilling that Earth Drilling is best known for, and the Diedrich D-120’s we supply are more than equipped to handle each and every job that comes their way, from large to small. With all the new equipment as well as the market influx, it is causing rapid expansion for Earth Drilling, and as their drill rig supplier we are happy to see them thrive.


  9. Let the Rig Source Geek Squad Get You Going

    October 21, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Purchasing a new drill rig is exciting as it usually indicates that you’re upgrading existing equipment, adding to your fleet or starting a new company. Along with this excitement can come uncertainty as you learn the ins and outs of your new drill rig. In order to benefit from all of the capabilities your new rig offers you might want to consider a professional start-up. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced driller, you can surely benefit from additional demos before taking your rig to a job site for its big debut.

    Start-up Services

    When you purchase drill rigs from Rig Source, our team is always prepared to provide a start-up session for your rig operators. We want our customer’s to get the most out of their equipment, and knowing how to operate your drill rig properly will help do just that. Not only is our sales team extremely knowledgeable on the drill rigs we sell, many have years of experience operating drill rigs and utilizing a variety of drilling methods for various industries which makes them a perfect fit for quality start-up services. (more…)

  10. Which Drill Rig Will You Find At The 2014 NDA Convention?

    October 8, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    Rig Source is thrilled to be returning to the National Drilling Association Convention (NDA) this year, and is eager to share their latest innovative drill rig with geotechnical drillers devoted to the industry.

    Rig Source has been a member of the NDA for over ten years, and the close ties date back even further to when Rig Source owner, Lisa Crimaldi was once the NDA’s president. “Each year we to strive to attend the convention and bring with us the most up to date drilling equipment,” says Lisa. Although, Rig Source was unable to attend the event last year, it is expected that this year’s display will be one to remember.

    As an equipment sales and rental center focused on serving the geotechnical and environmental industries, Rig Source is always on the forefront of new or enhanced equipment. That is why this year Rig source will be bringing a Diedrich D-90 drill mounted to a Terramac® crawler carrier to the NDA Convention. The combined power of the highly notable Diedrich brand drill and the extreme versatility of Terramac® crawler carriers are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

    Whether you’re in the mood to purchase, rent or just looking to get acquainted with the geotechnical drilling industry, stopping by Rig Source’s booth to see the NEW Terramac® RT9 with Diedrich D-90 drill is a must. During the show, Director of Sales, Matt Slater and Sales Representative, Jesse Whittaker will be available to answer any and all questions regarding the unit.diedrich d90 on terramac crawler carrier

    NDA Convention Information

    October 9-10, 2014

    Great Wolf Lodge
    2501 Great Wolf Drive
    Mason, OH 45040

    If ever in need for geotechnical drill rigs, contact Rig Source at 630.365.1649 where we will provide you with the fast and efficient sales and rental services you need and deserve.

  11. Rig Source Inc: How Maggie Daley Park Is Being Transformed

    October 6, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.


    Maggie Daley Park Transformation

    What started as basic roof repairs to the East Monroe Street Marketing Garage in 2012 grew into an opportunity to renovate three areas of Grant Park to create the Maggie Daley Park, an area that will be composed of the Daley Bicentennial Plaza, the Cancer Survivors Garden, and Peanut Park.

    With this new initiative, the Chicago Park District has been working to make these three areas of the park more cohesive while also improving Grant Park’s sustainability- not to mention many new uniquely entertaining features, such as rock-climbing sculptures, an ice-skating ribbon, a play garden, a field house, and plenty of open lawn space for events and picnics.

    All these upgrades don’t happen overnight, of course. Maggie Daley Park is scheduled to open to the public in fall of 2014 after two years of intense construction. The first phase of the project alone included moving 209,000 cubic yards of soil and 800 trees to Peanut Park temporarily so that the East Monroe Street Garage parking deck could be renovated and waterproofed- a giant project in itself, considering that the parking garage is nearly 1.5 million square feet.

    In phase two, which started in late fall of 2013, a local Chicago construction company began working on creating drainage layers by using polystyrene geofoam to create hills and landscapes. Since geofoam is around 100 times lighter than soil, it doesn’t add excessive weight to the parking structure underneath.

    After that, the topsoil and trees are moved back from Peanut Park and added over the geofoam using multi-purpose crawler carriers, which can easily traverse the geofoam without leaving permanent impressions. An extra 700 trees will be planted in Maggie Daley Park as well.

    While construction slowed down during winter, the park is still on track for a fall opening that will include the ice skating ribbon and the climbing wall. The final total cost for the Maggie Daley Park renovations will be $60 million, which includes things like landscape architecture, construction and machine rentals, and more. In the end, Chicago’s newest public park will be a cohesive presence in a prime area between the lakefront and down town in which Chicagoans and tourists alike can enjoy a wide variety of unique activities and experiences. Who’s ready to go play?

  12. Energy East Expected to Boost Pipeline Jobs & Equipment Demand

    September 30, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

    The Keystone XL has yet to be approved by the US, but that’s not stopping Canada from moving forward with its latest plan to expand the oil grid with the Energy East pipeline.

    The approval of the Energy East pipeline is expected to trigger approximately 10,000 full-time jobs in the pipeline industry between now and 2018 according to a Deloitte report released by TransCanada. Along with the expected surge in jobs, it is believed by Rig Source. Owner, Mike Crimaldi there will likely be an increased need for crawler carriers and pipeline equipment. Additional laborers won’t do much good if they don’t have the necessary equipment for them to do their jobs. (more…)

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