Is Your Child Obsessed with Heavy Machinery?

March 26, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

Child Using Heavy Machinery at DiggerlandIt’s no doubt that children love heavy machinery! This is especially true when their parents are in professions where they utilize equipment such as crawler carriers, drilling rigs, and various other heavy duty construction units. Children thrive to be like their parents, and it’s these shared interests that create what the educational field calls, “teachable moments,” or in blatant terms, a window of time when learning becomes easiest.

Due to the safety constraints on many jobsites, it is not often that you, the parent and expert on the equipment you run daily, get the opportunity to educate and show your own children the heavy machinery up close. This can be a vital contributing factor in continuing their love of heavy machinery and interest in following in your footsteps.

Educating Made Easy = Diggerland Construction Theme Park

I caught wind of the plans to create the latest Diggerland Construction Theme Park, and thought it was a brilliant tool for parents to use to educate on heavy machinery. The theme park provides modified equipment that children are able to drive, ride and operate which makes learning, safe, family-friendly and fun. At Diggerland, children are able to get that real life exposure to heavy machinery they otherwise would only hear about during story time. Diggerland theme park is truly a unique learning experience that is long overdue for the United States.

Diggerland Heavy Machinery Theme Park Map

The Trouble with Missed Opportunities

If children don’t continue to learn about the industry you can hardly expect them to want to grow up to be in it. According to Marc Rubin’s Workforce Dilemma Requires Action article found in the American Oil and Gas Reporter, he finds the demand and need to replace the number of experienced professionals reaching retirement age a critical issue.

Suddenly, the perks to encouraging and motivating children to expand on their young love for heavy machinery is becoming essential, or if nothing else, an excellent parenting decision as it could just help them land a career in a thriving market later on.

Hence if you’re looking to educate your little ones on the heavy machinery you use on a daily basis, take a trip to Diggerland this summer! To get yourself in the real deal, call Rig Source at 630.365.1649. We are your number one source for heavy machinery such as crawler carriers for sale and rent as well as drilling rigs for sale and rent. We carry various models for a variety of industries so don’t be shy, our sales team in waiting.

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