Happy Thanksgiving to Drillers Everywhere from Rig Source

November 23, 2011 by Rig Source Inc.

Pumpkin Photo from Rig Source Although not all of our customers celebrate Thanksgiving as we do here do in the United States, we’d like to send our gratitude to drillers across the world. Before Rig Source came to life, our President & CEO, Mike Crimaldi, spent over 20 years as a drilling contractor who often worked in the field.  If anyone understands how challenging it is to be a driller- rain, shine, heat, breakdowns or snow- it’s Mike. “I remember one Thanksgiving holiday when my kids were young…a rig we were depending on for a big job broke down. I spent most of that Thanksgiving under the truck doing repairs.” This is not an unusual story for many drillers. Over the years of dedication to his customers, Mike realized the importance of making sacrifices to get the job done.  Moments like this and understanding the value of good equipment and equipment availability, are what inspired Mike to create Rig Source; a full service concept, providing drillers worldwide with reasonably priced drilling equipment.  Later, it was noted that another hard working group, the pipeline industry, was in need of rubber tracked crawler carriers for rent and for sale. Hence, we have added that to our list of services. “I’m proud that Rig Source can help drillers save time and money on drilling equipment, rubber track carriers, tracks, parts and service.  My hope is that contractors can enjoy their business just a little bit more with our help,” Mike says. Rig Source believes in being strategic partners with its customers whether geotechnical, environmental, oil & gas, core or auger drilling contractors. May the start of your holiday season be full of joy, productivity and fulfilling challenges.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 630.365.1649 if you need anything at all this holiday season.

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