It’s Not Just Us: Give Your Drill Rig an Inspection Today

March 17, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

Preventative Drill Rig Maintenance SignI’ll be the first to admit, we do have a way of acting like a nagging mother when it comes to maintaining regular maintenance on your drill rig, but just like a nagging mom, we do have your best interest at heart. Rig Source is a complete service, sales and rental center for both new and used drill rigs and crawler carriers, and all too often we see the same common equipment mishaps come through the door.

 It’s not that we don’t LOVE the business, but c’mon now, who wants to deal with break downs that could very easily be prevented with a little TLC? Breakdowns cause downtime and downtime causes money loss. Here at Rig Source, we know that so it is with pure appreciation of our customers that I write this one for all of you.

Why You Need To Take Care of Your Drill Rig

Yeah, sure you’ve heard it all before and maybe even know what to do, but after looking at the number of routine maintenance issues that arise in our shop on a daily basis, something is telling me that not all of you are listening.

Therefore, I compiled this list of 5 excerpts from various contractors, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers that all reiterate the very same concept.  Maintain and inspect your drilling rigs regularly. Sometimes, hearing it from Mom just isn’t enough, so I figured I’d give you a brief look at what your colleagues have to say, in the hopes you too jump on board.

  1. In the March 2014 edition of National Driller Magazine, sales representative, Brandon Wronski of RigKits LLC writes “Equipment that is well maintained will run more efficiently, last longer and be safer for the entire crew. Give your equipment a thorough inspection today, make operating it safer by servicing it regularly, and be sure to inspect your rig and operating components on a daily basis.”
  2. Parts and Service Director, Michael Norris of Boart Longyear states, “Preventive maintenance inspection programs will keep rigs running at peak efficiency and safeguards against unexpected repairs,” according to a June article on
  3. CEO of Sidewinder, Jon Cole recently had this to say in an interview for Drilling Contractor Magazine, “Preventive maintenance is the answer.”
  4. Siegfried Meissner, Nabors Drilling International, and Kevin Kroger, Puradyn Filter Technologies stated,Historical reactive maintenance (“fix it when it breaks”) is giving way to scheduled or preventive maintenance (PM) programs that have become the norm,” in their article published in Drilling Contractor Magazine.
  5. Manufacturer, CAT® posted an article directly on their website that mentioned, “Regular maintenance is essential to keeping equipment running at peak performance.”

Where to Go For Safe & Reliable Drill Rig Inspections & Repairs

Now that you’ve got the facts, the only place left to go is Rig Source. At Rig Source, we provide you with honest, factual information that is backed by years of experience in drill rig repair and drill rig maintenance. We take the time to work with you individually to ensure your every need is met, and understand your urgency to get your drill rig back into the field as quickly as possible. We even offer drill rig rentals to help you reduce downtime while your unit is being given the once over.

For drill rig repair and maintenance or drill rig rentals, please give us a call today at 630.365.1649. Just like your mother, we look forward to hearing from you!

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