Energy East Expected to Boost Pipeline Jobs & Equipment Demand

September 30, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

The Keystone XL has yet to be approved by the US, but that’s not stopping Canada from moving forward with its latest plan to expand the oil grid with the Energy East pipeline.

The approval of the Energy East pipeline is expected to trigger approximately 10,000 full-time jobs in the pipeline industry between now and 2018 according to a Deloitte report released by TransCanada. Along with the expected surge in jobs, it is believed by Rig Source. Owner, Mike Crimaldi there will likely be an increased need for crawler carriers and pipeline equipment. Additional laborers won’t do much good if they don’t have the necessary equipment for them to do their jobs.

Putting The Pipeline Into Perspective

energy-east-pipeline-equipmentThere is always a period of time when the supply doesn’t meet the demand during major influxes of development. Mike believes this is going to happen in Canada during the Energy East project based on the country’s mass amount of uncharted land between communities where supplies can be found. The pipeline will need to run continuously through the country, including provinces like Manitoba where the marshy terrain will limit the types of equipment that will function properly in those conditions.

Additionally, the amount of equipment and man power used to date has been enough to accommodate existing pipelines, but doesn’t factor in the increased number of pipelines needing to be constructed during the expansion project. Mike supports his theory that equipment needs will increase by the already noticeable rise in Canadian customers in the drilling and pipeline industries that have turned to Rig Source eager to purchase new and used drill rigs and crawler carriers. Rental equipment has seen the same spike in demand which is no surprise as rentals offer companies the flexibility needed as projects move through different areas.

“Having initially followed the debate for the Keystone XL pipeline, I knew the time would come for grid expansion so we’ve stocked our inventory and revamped our rental fleet to guarantee we can offer the increased support. While it’s not yet the Keystone XL driving this particular boost and demand, the Energy East pipeline will certainly do the same for Canada.” – Mike Crimaldi

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