Don’t Slip Up & Crack – Winterizing Reminders For Your Crawler Carriers and Drill Rigs

November 20, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

Terramac crawler carrier in snowNo one truly likes preparing for the bitter cold winter months, but it is necessary to preserve the efficiency of your crawler carriers, drill rigs and support equipment. One slip up while winterizing your equipment can cause some serious damage leading to loss of time and money. I’m here to remind you of the simple steps you can take to prevent cold weather from taking a toll on your carriers or equipment.

  • Make sure to use an additive to stabilize diesel fuel in crawler carriers. The additive prevents diesel fuel from jelling, and keeps ultimately keeps units running.
  • Always check a crawler carrier’s coolant for its freezing temperature. Coolants come with various freezing levels to match the different weather conditions, and it is imperative to select the appropriate one to prevent the coolant from freezing and potentially cracking the block.
  • Be sure to check gear boxes on drill rigs for water and keep them closed in order to prevent cracking or water damage to the electrical.
  • Don’t forget to drain all water tanks and pumps to avoid freezing and cracking that will destroy support equipment.
  • Remember to check batteries for efficient power. Cold weather may inhibit an engine from turning over, and may leave you stranded.

Most of these steps are simple to complete, and probably common sense to anyone that’s been in the industry for a while. However, the fact of the matter is we all get busy and forget things we shouldn’t so let these serve as a reminder or checklist for preparing your carriers or drilling equipment for the winter ahead.

If you’re like me and would prefer to have someone else get the job done, please feel free to call Rig Source at 630.365.1649. We are a one stop service department for your crawler carriers, drill rigs, and support equipment needs.

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