Drill Pro Services Inc. Purchases a Diedrich D-120

February 1, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

Drill Pro's Diedrich D-120 Before & After Shots








Blake Jones from Drill Pro Services poses in front of his new Diedrich D-120.

This is the second rig that Blake has purchased from Rig Source. We mounted this 1993 Diedrich D-120 on a truck provided by our local International dealer.   Then we built a new bed, added a new side mount auto hammer, wireline winch, rod clamp and breakout wrench.  The Diedrich D-120 received all new hoses, wiring harness and water tank then was painted to match the rest of the Drill Pro fleet.  The finished product is a drill that Blake knows he can rely on to go to work everyday and one that his clients like seeing pull up on the job site! Contact Rig Source today if you are looking to update your fleet.   From truck and carrier remounts, to Diedrich, CME and Mobile drills for sale and for rent, we can find something tailored to your needs.  Stay tuned for our next unit: a Mobile B59 mounted on a Morooka MST1500 that will be available the early part of February!

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