TECNILAB Uses Diedrich Drill Rigs to Study Landslide

January 10, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

Headquartered in Panama City, TECNILAB, S.A. specializes in difficult access drilling solutions for environmental, geological and geotechnical applications. TECNILAB has a total of twenty-two drilling rigs. These consist of two Diedrich D-25 ‘s and 4 Diedrich D-50 ‘s. All the Diedrich drill rigs have been purchased from Rig Source.

Tecnilab's Diedrich Drill Rigs In Action Most recently, TECNILAB purchased a Diedrich D-50 for work done on a landslide study in December during the heavy rain season on the Trans Isthmian Highway, a main road that links Panama City with Colón. TECNILAB’s other Diedrich drill rigs have worked on geotechnical investigations for the first Metro, or subway system, built in Panama City, they have also done geotechnical study and instrumentation of the main sewer system tunnel that just finished construction in Panama. For more information on new and used Diedrich auger drill rigs, give us a call at 630-365-1649.

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