It’s All About Who You Know in the Crawler Carrier and Drilling Rig Industry

March 20, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

Dedicated Drilling Rig EmployeesOkay, truth be told, in a technical field dealing with drilling rigs and crawler carriers it’s all about, what you know. However, that’s not the case for the four Rig Source employees who are celebrating anniversaries this March. Each found their way to us through mutual acquaintances which you’ll learn below, and all have served us well.

We couldn’t be happier with the dedication and incredible knowledge these four employees have brought to Rig Source and in return you, our customers over the years. Get a glimpse behind the scenes and learn what Dan, Kurt, Houston and Savannah do on a daily basis to keep people like yourself coming back to Rig Source for our quality products and friendly service.

When You Find a Dedicated Employee, Don’t Let Them Go

It’s no wonder that Dan Nestmann is our Parts Department guru. He has been with Rig Source for four years now and has grown the parts department from the ground up.  Although his career with Rig Source started as a part-time clean up guy, he proved himself on day one and was promoted to a mechanics assistant on his second day. After just a month he was hired on full-time, and within the next six months began forming an organized parts department complete with an inventory control system. Today Rig Source carries a full inventory of hard to find parts for drilling rigs and crawler carriers.

Dan’s favorite thing about working here is the friendly and hardworking employees along with the family environment. When Dan says he loves his job, I believe him because he spends 4-5 hours EACH DAY commuting to work – if that isn’t a sign of dedication I don’t know what is.

Outside the shop, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, Moria, attending punk rock and ska music concerts, and rebuilding bicycles. Land speed racing with his family on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah is also a favorite pastime of Dan’s.

Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do

Houston, a local resident for most of his life has a sincere passion for life which shows through his work as a welder at Rig Source for the past three years, and his ten years as a volunteer fire fighter. Growing up he was always drawn to fixing things that were broken so it’s no surprise he started working in a blacksmith shop at the age of thirteen. That shop had been family owned since 1871 which Houston appreciated, and therefore it was easy for him to find that same family oriented feel in Rig Source. He emphasized how the Crimaldi’s are exceptional people to work for because of their dedication to their employees – always listening to new ideas and providing the means for improvements in the shop. Not only does Houston appreciate his bosses, but also his co-workers. He adds, “they are fun people and make coming to work exciting.”

The daily challenges that Houston faces are also what makes his work exciting. With a wide variety of drilling rigs coming through the shop for repair and structural reinforcement it keeps Houston on his toes and gives him a great sense of accomplishment once he has the equipment operating and looking great!

When Houston isn’t working at our shop he is working on other projects such as helping a friend remodel his house. To relax he enjoys country music and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

Behind the Scenes but On Top Of His Game

Kurt may come across as a quiet guy but once you figure out what sparks his interest there is no shortage of conversation. An auto mechanic by trade he has been working on cars since he was sixteen. He ventured into the world of owning his own shop for a few years, and decided he preferred to be an employee who is working behind the scenes to get customer’s crawler carriers repaired. Kurt’s favorite kind of challenges is immersing himself in big projects that take 3-5 days.

As a two year veteran at Rig Source, Kurt already proclaims that he is a “lifer” due to the fact that Mike & Lisa are the best bosses he’s ever worked for, and the guys in the shop are all friendly and make coming to work fun. It’ll come as no surprise that Kurt was referred to Rig Source by two existing employees.

Kurt has a special place in his heart for animals so he and his wife have opened their home to foster dogs, and help find permanent homes for these lovable creatures. They would love to keep every dog that comes through, but already have a full house with their two dogs, two cats and two birds.

Sometimes the Unexpected Can Lead You Somewhere Awesome

What brought Savannah into the drilling rig and crawler carrier line of work might surprise you. Having worked in the educational field for seven years after earning her bachelor’s degree in human development and family studies she was looking to make a drastic career change. Everyone here at Rig Source has certainly benefited over the last year from her desire to try out a new line of work.

Savannah’s day-to-day responsibilities as our Digital Marketing Coordinator include writing blogs, digging into industry news and product information and editing the website product listings. She enjoys the challenge of juggling all of these tasks throughout the day. It takes a special person to balance a million and one things but she nails it day after day. Like everyone here at Rig Source she thrives on the appreciation from the owners.

When Savannah’s not going a mile a minute in the office she’s racking up the miles on her pedometer. She enjoys participating in a variety of runs, and recently completed her second half marathon. In the warmer months she loves to kayak and hang out with friends. Equally as dedicated to her son’s school, she is an active board member for the local Parent/Teacher Organization.  Her world revolves around her son so in her eyes, he is the world’s cutest kid!

Dedicated Employees Equals Happy Customers

What the future holds here at Rig Source with a dedicated team such as Dan, Houston, Kurt and Savannah is virtually limitless. There are no words to describe the appreciation we have for each and every one of you and your skill set. With a total of 10 years between all of you we look forward to many more, keep doing what you’re doing!

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