Control Panel Upgrades Sure to Simplify Your Life

February 17, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

Many old drill rigs run great and have affordable price tags making them extremely desirable, but there is just one minor issue – outdated control panels.

You don’t think much of your drill’s control panel until it becomes a part of your everyday routine. It’s then that even the smallest issues can become annoyances that hinder your productivity. While there is nothing wrong with the way manufacturers made control panels back in the day, there are updates each company has made over the years to keep up with technological advancements. When you purchase used drill rigs, you don’t always obtain those most up to date features, unless you request it that is.

Diedrich D-50 Control Panel

The Diedrich D-50 is a perfect example of a top notch geotechnical and environmental drill rig that has undergone some changes over time, in particular with their control panels. Just a few years ago the Diedrich D-50 control panels were made with diverters. This meant that each control was actually responsible for multiple functions very similar to the way keys on a keyboard are responsible for both upper and lower case letters. In order for a driller to switch between two functions on older model Diedrich drills, they would rely on flipping controls from one position to another. Seems simple in theory but becomes burdensome real quick when you take into consideration the controls are not always in arms reach of your work.

Have It All With Rig Source

One way to overcome an outdated control panel is to buy new, but I’m here to let you know it’s not the only option. Drill rig specialty companies like Rig Source make it possible for you to have it all by keeping with that older unit and its affordable price tag while just upgrading the drills control panel. The cost associated with the upgrade has proven to be a great value to those not ready to invest in a new Diedrich drill.

Rig Source’s Work

Rig Source just completed these exact Diedrich control panel upgrades as well as a few more custom updates on a customer’s truck mounted Diedrich D-50 rig. The little annoyances built up over time, and eventually this client came to Rig Source requesting it receive a new control panel and new lower valve bank. In doing so, each control pictured below now has its own valve and individual function which has increased the driller’s productivity as a whole.

Diedrich Control Panel Upgrade

While it’s not always necessary to upgrade used drill rigs, this customer certainly found it beneficial to do so. Do you have a similar issue with your control panel? Need a custom drill rig upgrade? Share your thoughts with us or request more information at 630.365.1649.

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