1. Limited Time Rental Deal

    June 10, 2014

    You’ll never fail getting your crawler carrier rentals from Rig Source, especially if you call and make your reservations now. We have an extensive fleet of crawler carrier rentals available, BUT they are slipping away fast. As spring weather came around so did many new job opportunities for various industries, including pipelines and general construction. Between these two industries alone, customers have found numerous ways to use these multifunctional units, and the flexibility and cost savings of a rental have been extremely beneficial.

    Available Crawler Carrier Rentals Include:

    Morooka MST-800VD

    Terramac® RT9

    Crawler Carrier with Crane

    Morooka MST-1500VD

    IHI IC-45

    Crawler Carrier with Personnel Carrier

    Morooka MST-2200VD

    IHI IC-100

    Crawler Carrier with VacMaster

    How to Grab Hold of the Deals

    At Rig Source, we carry all the brand name crawler carrier rentals you need, and offer outstanding customer service and equipment support to go with it. Just by calling and mentioning this blog you are automatically eligible for 5% off your next crawler carrier rental*. Along with this, you still receive our competitive rental rates that provide the flexibility of weekly or monthly rental terms that work best with your needs and schedule. It is and always will be our goal to get our customers the support they need by providing them with only the best in crawler carrier rentals so get the experience and price you deserve on crawler carrier rentals by calling Rig Source today at 630.365.1649.

    *Offer valid to all customers for July’s rental rate. Must mention this deal to have discount applied.

  2. Rig Source: Drilling Support One Decade Later

    May 22, 2014
    Rig Source Inc. celebrates 10 years of providing service and support to drilling contractors and crawler carrier users worldwide.

    10 Year Anniversary for Drilling Support ServicesTo say the least, it has been a wild ride as Rig Source progressed from a small drilling support company to becoming the international sales, rental and drilling support center many of you know today. The immeasurable amount of success that has come from, and continues to come from Rig Source has surprised even the owners, Mike and Lisa Crimaldi.

    Dedication Delivers Rewards

    I recently had the opportunity to interview President, Mike Crimaldi on the couple’s accomplishments in the drilling industry over the last ten years, and it was truly an honor to hear his humble story. During the interview Mike had this to say,

    “I have a great deal of loyalty to the drilling industry since it was not too long ago, that I myself was a driller. I knew this company wouldn’t fail because I wouldn’t let it, but I never realized it would go global. The fact that we’ve made it ten years gives me a great sense of pride that I have been able to maintain my loyalty to the industry and fulfill my role in providing drilling support to so many remarkable drilling contractors.”


  3. Education and Demonstration: Geoprobe® Training

    May 8, 2014

    It was a long week with these guys out of the office for Geoprobe® training, but they’re back and more knowledgeable than ever before on Geoprobe® products. Naturally, Rig Source strives to provide you with the most up to date Geoprobe® equipment and tooling so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we went out of our way to give our guys some extensive Geoprobe® training at Geoprobe’s annual open house event.

    Different than in years past, we sent multiple employees to view Geoprobe’s new equipment, receive field demonstrations, and enhance their knowledge of Geoprobe’s equipment and tooling. Being a sales and rental center equipped with Geoprobe® direct push units as well as Geoprobe® tooling, we find opportunities such as this necessary to enable us to offer the most up to date and accurate product information for our customers.

    Employees to Recieve Geoprobe® Training

    Geoprobe® Training Open House

    This year’s open house highlighted the new Geoprobe® 8150LS Rotary Sonic, new Geoprobe® 3230DT rig, new Geoprobe® 3.75 in. tooling and new sonic dual tube systems. In addition to their new rollouts, Geoprobe® held a variety of workshops and demonstrations for the day that allowed our team to interact with other industry leading drillers that use the equipment on a daily basis.

    Below is what Bryan Sarsfield, Rig Source rental coordinator had to say about his Geoprobe® training opportunity.

    “The tour of the Geoprobe® facility was very educational. Watching the Geoprobe® 7822DT take soil samples, and seeing the new sonic rig in action was quite impressive. Being able to see first-hand how the products we provide and the work Geoprobe’s are used for is critical in gaining a complete understanding of the product. I will certainly be able to use what I learned to better serve our customers at Rig Source, and am looking forward to doing just that.”

    Along with our rental coordinator, Rig Source sent parts man, Dan Nestmann and sales representative, Jesse Whittaker to Geoprobe® training to better assist you with your Geoprobe® direct push sale or rental and tooling purchases. If you thought Rig Source was good before, we just got better! To purchase or rent a Geoprobe® direct push unit or Geoprobe® tooling, please feel to browse our current selection online or give us a call at 630.365.1649.

  4. 5 Perks to Vacuum Excavator Rentals

    April 9, 2014

    When it comes time to start a new project it is imperative to gather the right equipment for the job at hand. In the past, construction crews would rely on heavy duty backhoes to move dirt, and there is no doubt it works. However, there were a lot of risks associated with using this type of equipment which is why the industry has made the switch to vacuum excavators.

    Vacuum Excavators have proved themselves in the industry for a number of reasons of which I’d like to share with you so you can determine if vacuum excavator rentals are right for your next project.

    1. Reduce Risk of Damage – Vacuum excavators digTruck and Track Mounted Vacuum Excavator Rental holes using an air pressure “air knife” which breaks up the dirt so it can then be sucked out from around utility lines creating less opportunity for accidental damage to pipes, cables or road base in the discovery process.
    2. Fast & Efficient – Using air allows crews to locate utilities quickly and safely, is easily transported, and keeps the dirt dry so it can be reused immediately for backfilling.
    3. Multi-Purpose – Using a Vacuum excavator is more than just drilling because the unit can also be used for clean up to keep surface areas clear of drilling fluid returns and eliminates mud disposal.
    4. Accommodating Size – Vacuum excavators are available in various sizes and can be mounted to trailers, trucks, or tracked crawler carriers to give them full access to all types of terrain.
    5. Vacuum Excavator Rentals – The biggest perk to vacuum excavator rentals is that these units can be rented without having to invest in a long term commitment. When your job is done, you turn in the keys, and go on with the remainder of your project.

    These tips came straight from highly experienced heavy equipment rental coordinator, Bryan Sarsfield. Bryan gathers this information from you, our customers, on a daily basis so he can improve on providing you the most up to date and quality equipment that you are looking for.

    So the next time you’ve got a new project underway, consider a Vacuum Excavator rental for all the perks it offers. It’s time you start work smarter and not harder! If you need help finding a vacuum excavator rental unit, you can always give Bryan a call at 630.365.1649. He offers competitive weekly and monthly rental rates through Rig Source Inc. that simply can’t be beat.

  5. Rental Tracked Personnel Carriers: Hauling Your Crew to Remote Areas

    April 1, 2014

    Multiple Views of Our Rental Tracked Personnel Carriers

    Be on the forefront of your industry and allow our rental tracked personnel carriers to get your crew where the work is.

    Rig Source recently started mounting personnel carriers to our crawler carrier units, and the response was out of this world. Upon completion of our first rental tracked personnel carrier, it was immediately sent out to a local customer in the pipeline industry. Due to the rapid response this unit received, Rig Source will continue to build these units to keep up with the high demand.

    Spring Ground Conditions Won’t Slow You Down

    Our first rental tracked personnel carrier was built on a used Morooka MST800 crawler carrier, but as we grow so will the options for crawler carriers. Right now the attachment is available for immediate rental on Morooka MST800’s. We are excited to announce that these personnel carriers will soon be available on the Terramac® RT9. Both the current Morooka rental tracked personnel carrier as well as the Terramac® RT9 with personnel carrier provide unprecedented adaptability to companies looking to transport their crew safely to and from remote jobsite locations.

    Rough terrain is an issue among many industries that makes it very difficult to get equipment to isolated areas, let alone with a full team of workers to actually get the job done. This is especially concerning in the springtime. As Denzel Washington was quoted saying, “When you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too,” and luckily our rental tracked personnel carriers can do just that. The low ground pressure that comes from rubber tracked crawler carriers allows them to travel in and out of some of the worst ground conditions.

    Hauling People, Tools and Gear Made Simple

    The personnel carrier attachment shown in these photographs is ROPS and FOPS Certified and is built to carry ten passengers. It comes complete with seat belts for all passengers and has enough space for gear as well as additional storage for tooling. There is a rear entrance for passengers with a fold up ladder that adds to its ground clearance.

    While our first rental tracked personnel carrier was leased to a pipeline company, other industries such as windmill, forestry, utility, right of way and mining have all expressed sincere interest in the unit. Don’t let the mud slow you down this spring or miss out on our new offer. Our rental coordinator is eager to get you onto our rental calendar this spring so give Rig Source a call at 630.365.1649 and get set up in our rental tracked personnel carrier.

  6. Hop Into Our New Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig Rental

    March 24, 2014

    Spring time is officially here and so is our new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental! Rig Source has an ever changing fleet of rental drilling rigs as well as rental crawler carriers, and is excited to be able to offer you the latest model D50 from Diedrich.

    Various Views of Our New Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig Rental

    Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig Rental Uses

    Popular for its size, the Diedrich D50 Drilling Rig makes for a great soil and rock exploration rig for those in the geotechnical and environmental industry.  This drilling rig is compatible with a variety of tooling and capable of reaching drilling depths of approximately 400 ft. using a rotary method. Our new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental is also track mounted to accommodate as many customers and their unique jobsite locations as possible.

    An added perk to the Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental is that it only weighs in at 1800lbs. which means it can easily be transported by a tag type trailer to help reduce shipping costs. Over the years, Rig Source has carried a number of Diedrich D50’s in our rental fleet, and continues to add to the fleet because the line of customer’s looking for our Diedrich D50 drilling rig rentals is constantly growing.

    About Our Rental Service

    Rig Source provides an extensive rental service for drilling rigs and crawler carriers that outdo our competitors time and time again. Mike Crimaldi, owner of Rig Source was a former driller so he understands your needs, and the complications that may occur if those are not met. Therefore, he’s proud to offer an extensive drilling rig fleet with additions of new equipment like the new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental on a regular basis. Rest assured, all used units undergo thorough inspection and maintenance before being allowed to enter the fleet to ensure each of the drilling rigs reaches you in tip-top condition.

    Why You Rent From Rig Source

    In today’s economy, several companies have turned to our Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental or various other drilling rigs for rent in an effort to conserve cash or due to the lack of financing for quality equipment equal to ours. At Rig Source, we give companies like this, options so that they can continue on with their business as usual with the drilling rigs they need.

    Rig Source offers weekly and monthly rental rates on all of our drilling rigs, including this new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental unit so companies may work within their means. Daily rates have even been offered to local customers! Our goal is to work with you in every way possible to ensure your rental experience with us is one worth coming back for.

    For additional information on our new Diedrich D50 drilling rig rental, please visit the complete web listing located in our drill rig rental showroom. You may also access our full range of various rental crawler carriers and support equipment. When in doubt, give us a call at 630.365.1649. Our rental coordinator will assist you with any equipment questions, pricing and availability on the spot!

  7. Your Drilling Rig Supplier Says, “Congratulations Kevin J. Bonacum!”

    March 14, 2014

    It was recently brought to my attention that a member of the National Ground Water Association, Kevin J. Bonacum just joined the ranks of certified well drillers through the Voluntary Certification Program. On behalf of Rig Source Inc. we want to congratulate him on his achievements.

    CME 550X Drilling Rig Photos

    NGWA’s Certification Program

    The NGWA’s program is “the only national certification program available for contractors and pump installers in the groundwater industry,” according to the organizations website. That being said, it is truly an honor for those that can meet the qualifications to pass examination. Of the 130 exams taken in the last year, there is only a passing rate of approximately 42% as was reported in February’s Water Well Journal. That is a relatively small portion of individuals to obtain this level of excellence and recognition in the field.

    Our Ties to Kevin

    Rig Source is particularly proud of Kevin’s achievements because he is not only an association member along with us, but a long time drilling rig customer. In the past he has utilized both drilling rig rentals as well as purchased used drilling rigs from Rig Source. His most recent purchase was a CME 550X auger drilling rig which is being utilized for geotechnical drilling. Rig Source takes pride in taking care of our drilling rig customers, and is thrilled to have such a talented and dedicated driller choosing us for to rent and purchase our equipment.

    Just In Time for National Groundwater Awareness Week

    News of Kevin’s recent certification couldn’t have come at a better time. The NGWA is currently promoting National Groundwater Awareness Week which began on March 9th and will run until the 15th. During this time, the NGWA and its members spend time educating the public on the importance of groundwater.

    His achievements and certification are a strong example of his dedication to the industry by his commitment to continuing education. After all, it is individuals such as Kevin, who are highly skilled and trained that ultimately, protect our Nation’s groundwater.  Hopefully, through his example, many more will follow suit.

    If you too are in need of a drilling rig rental or would like to purchase a new or used drilling rig from Rig Source, please visit our extensive online showroom filled with equipment. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call at 630.365.1649, and a member of our sales team would be happy to assist you in your search.

  8. Top 10 Hottest Drill Rig and Crawler Carrier Rentals for 2014

    January 29, 2014

    Statistics are in and the list of 10 hottest drill rig and crawler carrier rentals for 2014 has been created for your viewing pleasure. Use this list to find out what rental equipment you should be reserving before it’s gone.

    Crawler Carrier Rental Equipment

    1. Morooka MST-2200VD Crawler Carrier is the largest crawler carrier offered in our rental fleet. It has the highest carrying capacity among crawler carriers, and offers the capability of mounting a VacMaster System 1000 on the back. The Morooka MST-2200VD is versatile to many industries, but finds a great deal of popularity in the pipeline.
    2. Geoprobe® 7822DT Direct Push rental units are hard to come by because very few people put them in their rental fleet. The Geoprobe® 7822DT unit is best utilized in the environmental drilling field for soil sampling prior to building or land transactions.
    3. Terramac® RT9 Crawler Carrier is the latest machine on the market. The Terramac® RT9 offers a variety of mounting options and has a larger carrying capacity than other units in its class. Renters are choosing Terramac® RT9 units as a means of testing out the modern technology prior to purchasing new.Morooka and IHI crawler carrier rental equipment
    4. IHI IC-45 Crawler Carrier units are small in size and can maneuver into tight spaces where larger units cannot. Similarly, IHI IC-45 crawler carrier units can be shipped relatively cheap since three units fit as one load.
    5. Diedrich D-120 Track mounted Drill Rig is a big hit for the geotechnical industry. The Diedrich D-120 has higher torque allowing deeper penetration for soil testing than others in its class. These rental drill rigs also come equipped with an automatic SPT hammer.
    6. Morooka MST-800VD Crawler Carrier is well liked among the construction industry because it has the lowest price point for a crawler carrier. This smaller sized Morooka MST-800VD is similar to the IHI IC-45 crawler carrier unit can be shipped three per load.various drill rig rental equipment
    7. IHI IC-100 Crawler Carrier is primarily used for larger sized jobs associated with the pipelines. It is well liked for carrying supplies with either a dump or flat bed.
    8. Morooka MST-1500VD Crawler Carrier is considered your middle of the road unit for its size and price point. Utility companies favor the Morooka MST-1500VD, but this crawler carrier offers a number of benefits to various other industries as well.
    9. Diedrich D-50 Track mounted Drill Rig is well liked in the geotechnical industry. It has many of the same capabilities as a Diedrich D-120, but doesn’t reach quite the same depth. Therefore, it is often times used on smaller projects.
    10. CME 55 Track Mounted Drill Rig is another great drill rig for smaller projects. The CME 55 has fairly similar capabilities in comparison to the Diedrich D-50 so it too is favored by environmental drillers. The deciding factor between the Diedrich D-50 and CME 55 often times comes down to brand preference or familiarity.

    Need more help deciding which drill rig or crawler carrier rentals you’ll need this year? Give Rig Source a call today at 630.365.1649. Not only will he get you into this year’s hottest, but he will make sure you have all the attachments and extras to keep your business running all year long.

  9. Top 5 Reasons Rubber Tracked Rental Units Are Perfect for Seasonal Work

    December 19, 2013

    Rubber tracked rental units are favorable for seasonal work because they are really your only defense against the wrath of Mother Nature and her shifting weather patterns. If growing up in Chicago has taught me anything, it is to expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather. Our weather changes dramatically per season and often times even within a single season. It’s nearly impossible to select a single pair of shoes to carry you through the multiple seasons let alone a single piece of equipment capable of keeping your business moving forward.

    Don’t create your own restrictions! Instead, read the list below and discover the Top 5 reasons rubber tracked rental units are perfect for seasonal work.

    1. Customized Per Job Selecting a rubber tracked rental unit allows your to change the type of equipment on an as need basis. If and when the weather changes so do your needs and a rental unit will allow you to follow suit.Snow covered Terramac
    2. Not as Much Cash out Lay You don’t have a lot of money wrapped into a single unit at any given time. You only need to spend money when you know for certain the unit is being used.
    3. Not a Lot of Commitment If something unexpected occurs on the jobsite you can take a rubber tracked rental unit off of rent, but you can’t always turn around and sell a piece of equipment that you have purchased.
    4. Minimal Repair When renting, maintenance and repair of your rubber tracked unit is minimized to routine or wear and tear items. Any repairs above and beyond that are typically covered by the equipment rental company. In some cases, when a rental unit breaks down, companies like Rig Source will swap out any broken down units and replace it with a fully functioning one so there is no loss of down time.
    5. Tax Advantages Certain tax advantages exist for businesses that choose to rent equipment, and allow for monthly rental payments to be expensed as a reduction in income. In turn, may lower a business’s tax burden. (Please consult your tax advisor prior to renting equipment to make sure that you qualify).

    Seasonal work definitely has its obstacles and a key component to overcoming them is to remain flexible. Tis the season for snow in Chicago right now, but it won’t be long until the April showers are upon us. Be sure to plan ahead and turn to rubber tracked rental units that prove to be perfect for seasonal work.

  10. Jake’s Guide to Depreciation for Crawler Carriers & Drill Rigs Purchased in 2013

    December 13, 2013

    Equipment Depreciation has its advantages in the drilling industry so why not educate yourself on how to earn the maximum benefits before purchasing crawler carriers or drill rigs.  Most of these advantages come in the form of tax credits and bonuses that are offered through the federal government. Eligibility for the various depreciation credits and bonuses can vary based on factors such as whether or not a unit is new or used. Therefore, it’s best to learn what your options are now so you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes time to actually make a crawler carrier or drill rig purchase.tax breaks photo

    Since I am far from a tax expert, I reached out to CPA, Jake Rockafellow for the facts. The information provided should give you a head start to understanding depreciation benefits, and how to select the right crawler carriers or drill rigs to maximize those benefits. Remember though, these are only guidelines and it is very important to speak to your company tax advisors to understand how these details specifically impact your organization.

    The Facts:

    Equipment purchased in 2013 may be subject to Section 179 depreciation and 50% bonus depreciation. Section 179 and bonus depreciation can significantly reduce a company’s tax liability which is attractive to business owners who may have had a better year from what they originally forecasted and planned for.

    In a nutshell, here are the aspects of each that business owners should know.

    Section 179:

    1. Can be taken on new and used equipment.
    2. Maximum deduction allowed in 2013 is $500,000, and is phased out dollar for dollar if equipment purchases exceed $2,000,000.
    3. Section 179 expense cannot put your company at a loss for the year. For example, if a company is showing $100,000 in net income for the year before the section 179 deduction, $100,000 is the maximum deduction allowed regardless of how much equipment the company purchased in 2013.
    4. The equipment must be used for business purposes more than 50% of the time to qualify for the deduction.

    Bonus Depreciation:

    1. Can be taken on new equipment only.
    2. There is no phase out which is more attractive to larger companies whose capital expenditures exceed $2,000,000.
    3. Unlike section 179, bonus depreciation can be taken by businesses that will have net operating losses in 2013.
    4. Deduction is for 50% of the purchase price of the equipment. For example, if a company purchases a $100,000 piece of new equipment, it will receive a $50,000 bonus depreciation deduction. 

    As you can see, there are a number of depreciation benefits for business owners looking to purchase either new or used crawler carriers or drill rigs. If purchasing one of these units has been on your list, why not buy before the year ends and you are no longer eligible to receive these benefits?  By taking advantage of the opportunities that exist from depreciation now, it could be exactly what your company needs to move ahead strong in 2014.

  11. You Want to Drill Where?

    November 25, 2013

    You wouldn’t think working in the office at a drill rig and heavy equipment company would be all that entertaining or interesting, but think again. Working in one makes me feel like I am my own version of Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs” except I write about our unique clients and don’t actually have to get dirty.

    Here at Rig Source we get calls regularly from companies that trust us to help them solve their jobsite problems because they know we can help. Sure, some of those calls are exceptionally boring, but more often than not they are absolutely fascinating. The stories shared are unique and unusual, and provide insight on how drilling contributes to societal growth.

    One of the most recent fascinating stories I encountered was from Geotechnology, Inc. The company just rented a Diedrich D-50 drill rig in order to do some geotechnical and environmental drilling on a bridge project. Currently, the drillers are in the process of coring the rock under the piers of a bridge in order to gather soil samples. To do this, they have built a platform over caissons for the Diedrich D-50 to sit. The only way to get the D50 drill rig to its drilling location is by using a crane, and once there, the platform leaves drillers very little space to work. An unusual set up for an environmental and geotechnical drilling job, but also the only way to get to the soil they need which is under the water.

    This particular rental contract with Geotechnology caused quite the buzz around our office because none of us had ever heard of this type of drilling set up before. Our first thoughts were, “you are going to drill where?” Everyone was curious to know how Geotechnology was planning on executing this project, and exactly what it was going to look like. Of course, Rig Source was also thrilled to be chosen as their drill rig rental source, and excited to see photographs of their units in action. Below are a few of those photographs that Geotechnology shared with us as they were lifting Diedrich D-50 drill rig onto its platform.

    Diedrich D-50 project photos

    For more fascinating drill rig stories follow our blog or give us give us a call at 630.365.1649. As always, you can also visit our online showroom for the most up to date geotechnical and environmental drill rig rentals available through Rig Source.

  12. Did You Know Your Crawler Carriers “Address” is Always Changing?

    November 22, 2013

    Aerial view of Rig Source Inc.Recently the thought crossed my mind that someday my great grandchildren might be shocked to know we all had street addresses to identify where we live. Modern day GPS (global positioning system) allows a common person the ability to locate any coordinate on earth with minimal effort and you’re guaranteed to have no two the same. Is the future “address” of everyone’s home or business destined to be a GPS coordinate?

    While we have no control over our future address system we do have control in knowing where we are at any given time by checking our smartphones or GPS tracking devices. Similarly, this modern technology has given fleet managers control of locating their rental equipment and gathering important information.

    Picture this, you send your crew to a new job site and upon arrival two of the crawler carrier rentals scheduled to be used on the job aren’t there. At first, panic sets in, but then you realize all you need to do is log into your GPS tracking account via a web portal or mobile app to locate the exact coordinates of these crawler carrier rentals. This saves you and your company time and money.

    Most GPS service providers that supply these devices on crawler carriers can report a variety of critical information. Some of these reports can include exact location of crawler carriers, time operating under load, and overall performance. The ability to access information such as hours in operation allows technicians and maintenance crew to schedule upcoming service and ensure the parts needed are available. Performance reports help fleet managers determine the most cost-effective way to operate their rental fleet as well as plan for future rental equipment additions. Not only do these features help you, but it brings a new level of credibility to your company when new rental customers are looking for a dependable organization to do business with.

    Having all of this real-time data at your fingertips 24/7 is a value that’s hard to put a price on. The era of GPS is already changing the way society does business for fleet management so it only seems fair to believe that it’s a matter of time before things like our addresses start following suit. Why not test it out and see just how near or far this change may be? Next time someone asks you for your address go ahead and give them your GPS coordinates instead to see what kind of reaction you get!