1. 2000 HP Oil Rig for Sale

    April 25, 2012

    2000 HP Oil Rig For Sale By Rig SourceDid you know Rig Source sells Oil & Gas drills? As of today we have a custom 2000 HP Oil Rig for sale in our Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment showroom that has a 20,000 foot drill depth. Other features of this 2000 HP Oil Rig include: Draw Works: •  Powered by (2) Amerimex 1350 HP electric traction motors, 10 line rated at 1,000,000 # • Maximum Hoisting Capacity (12) 1,000,00, Drum Diameter 30″, Drum Length 57″ • Single Speed Gear Box: Steel fabrication, normalized before machining. • Gear Quality: AGMA Rating of 11Q or higher Mast and Substructure: • 62′ Pyramid DA-M717 derrick rated at 1,330,000 # (API Certified) • 26′ box on box substructure rated at 1,500,000 # (API Certified) • Mast incorporates Top Drive & Block Dolly • Six 50″ main cluster crown sheaves grooved for 1¬3/8″ drilling line, Two 36″ fabricated fast line/dead line sheave grooved for 1 3/8 drilling line, tapered roller bearing. • Shaft drilled for grease fittings, line guards, crown safety platform and handrails. Top Drive: • 500 ton AC top drive drilling system Model NOV TDS11, 800 hp, drilling torque rating 37,500 #, 228 max RPM, make-up and breakout torque 55,000# complete with VFD control house. For more details about 2000 HP Oil Rig’s lighting, iron roughneck, mud pumps, trip tank, mud house, shale tank or drillers cabin please view the oil rig for sale in our Online Showroom or Call Matt Slater at 630-365-1649 for more information.

  2. We have an Atlas Copco RD20 III for Sale!

    February 7, 2012

    Atlas Copco RD20 III for SaleIf there’s one machine that’s the most effective in the oil and gas world, it’s Atlas Copco’s RD20. Rig Source is excited to announce that we now have an Atlas Copco RD20 III for sale! The simplicity and effectiveness of which the Atlas Copco RD20 handles drill pipe is a huge advantage.  Changing or adding drill pipe normally takes between 45 and 60 seconds using the RD20, which is much quicker than handling drill pipe on a conventional drill rig. In addition, the patented carriage feed system is the heart of the RD20. The RD20 III we have for sale delivers a full 120,000 lbs of pullback.  The rig also has a patented derrick system and is therefore the preferred drilling equipment by shallow oil and gas contractors in the United States. The other benefits of the Atlas Copco RD20 III self-contained mobile rig are: •  Less site preparation time and cost •  A smaller footprint •  Reduced transport time and cost •  Fewer loads •  Reduced set-up and tear-down time and cost •  Less rig up •  Smaller crew requirement Are you ready to bring an Atlas Copco RD20 III to YOUR jobsite?! Give us a call for more info on the Atlas Copco RD20 III we have for sale.  Remember, we can ship internationally! Contact us today at 630-365-1649 for more information.

  3. Top 10 Most Active States in Oil and Gas Drilling

    December 6, 2011

    Drill Rig for Oil and Gas DrillingAccording to a November 28th article in the Oil & Gas Journal, oil and gas drilling activity is up 313 working units from one year ago. As of the week ended November 23, 2011, the following ten states are the most active in terms of drilling rigs out working: 1. Texas 2. Oklahoma 3. Louisiana 4. North Dakota 5. Pennsylvania 6. Colorado 7. New Mexico 8. Wyoming 9. California 10. Arkansas Texas leads the pack with 906 rigs working during the week ended 11/23/11 while state #2, Oklahoma, had only 197 rigs working.  In comparison, the Oil & Gas Journal stated that Canada had 484 drill rigs out working during the week ended 11/23 which is up 69 units from one year earlier. Rig Source has oil and gas drilling equipment for sale, including: shallow oil and gas drills and large land drill rigs.    We also offer custom drilling packages which can include compressors, mud pumps, generators, drill collars and/or tooling. Call Rig Source today at 630-365-1649. We can find the unique equipment you need to get the job done!

  4. Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction Project Estimates

    October 27, 2011

    Pipeline Industry Utilizes Crawler Carriers This article posted by the “Pipeline & Gas Journal” interestingly provides facts about new and planned pipeline construction, not only in North America but on a global level as well. Article states that “125,458 miles of oil and gas pipelines are under construction and planned… with North American projects accounting for approximately 40,382 miles.” Rig Source helps contractors service the pipeline industry by supplying new and used crawler carriers to increase productivity on the right a way.  These units consist of a wide-range of Morooka and IHI crawler carriers for sale or rent and we support them with our outstanding parts and service department which carriers everything from rubber tracks to replacement drive motors .  Depending on our customer’s specific needs, we also offer custom fabrication options such as: flatbeds and crane installations. If you are looking to buy or rent a crawler carrier or need replacement parts, feel free to contact us at 630-365-1649 or info@rigsourceinc.com.

  5. Rig Source Sells Oil and Gas Drills

    October 11, 2011

    Atlas Copco RD20 Oil and Gas Drills for SaleOil and gas drills and drill packages. Rig Source is active in the oil and gas industry providing shallow oil and gas land drills such as  the Atlas Copco RD20, Schramm T130 and a variety of 1000-2000 HP rigs to companies internationally. If you need to build a drill package, Rig Source can help!  We can include everything from mud pumps and compressors to dog houses and drill collars and also ship everything to your job site anywhere around the world. Currently Rig Source has an Atlas Copco RD20 and a Schramm T130 for sale.  You can view the units details on their individual web listings located in our oil and gas drill rig showroom2007 Atlas Copco RD20 III and 2006 Schramm T130XD.  Feel free to also call 630-365-1649 for more information.

  6. FOR SALE – 2006 Schramm T130XD

    August 11, 2011

    2006 Schramm T130XD for Sale by Rig SourceJust Added to the Rig Source Showroom. – Rig Source just added to it’s show room a 2006 Schramm T130XD drill with a Detroit 2000 750HP engine.  The drill rig is mounted to a crane carrier with approximately 3,872 miles on a CAT C-13 410 HP engine. There are multiple packages to choose from and condition reports can be made available. Feel free to visit our full online showroom or call 630-365-1649 for complete package details.

  7. FOR SALE – 2007 Atlas Copco RD20 III

    2007 Atlas Copco RD20 III for SaleJust Added to the Rig Source Showroom. – Rig Source recently added a 2007 Atlas Copco RD20 drill with approximately 5,000 hours to it’s online sales showroom that is ready to use.  The drill is mounted on a 2007 Tridem Crane Carrier with a CAT C13 380 HP Engine. 2007 Atlas Copco RD20 Drill comes equipped with an Ingersoll-Rand HR 2.5 Air Compressor, Floating Sub, 60-gallon Oiler, Bean 1000 PSI Water Pump, Diesel Fired Deck Pre-heater and Hammer Tooling Kit. The drilling package comes with the substructure, compressor, pipe trailer, dog house, trailers, water truck, skidder, barrel water tanks, hammers, elevators and more.  Other miscellaneous drilling tools also come included. For more information, give Rig Source a call at 630-365-1649.