Auger Drills & Direct Push Inventory on the Move

December 9, 2015 by Rig Source Inc.

Change is in motion for our geotechnical and environmental drilling equipment inventory so be sure to stay in the loop by following us on social media, and take advantage of equipment opportunities as they are presented.

In the last few weeks Rig Source has purchased a variety of auger drilling rigs as well as direct push units to support customers looking for inexpensive drilling rig options or start up rigs. Our talented buyers have years of experience finding quality used drill rigs to fit our customers varying budgets. We can easily spot the value in these used drills, and provide maintenance options with reasonable costs to bring used drills to “like new” condition. Rig Source values our customer’s time, and are honored that so many around the world have trusted us for over a decade to buy, restore and rebuild their auger drilling rigs and direct push units.

With the current geotechnical and environmental market in full swing, our inventory of Geoprobe’s, CME’s and Diedrich drills have been moving at a rapid pace. For your convenience, we’ve begun posting equipment notifications on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +, but always recommend giving our team a call to discuss the type of drilling rigs you’re in search of.

Sample Auger Drill Rig & Direct Push Projects
CME 45 Drill Rig for Sale

CME 45 Drill Rig

Geoprobe 66DT for Sale by Rig Source

Geoprobe 66DT

Auger Drill Rig & Direct Push Drills Available NOW

Diedrich D-50 Drill Rigs for Sale

Diedrich D-50 Drill Rig

CME 550X Drilling Rig for Sale

CME 550X Drill Rig

Geoprobe 6610DT for Sale by Rig Source

Geoprobe 6610DT

Geoprobe 6620DT for Sale by Rig Source

Geoprobe 6620DT


To view our complete listings or peruse additional auger drills and direct push units, please visit our geotechnical and environmental drill rig showroom. Need a price? Call 630.365.1649 and ask to speak with the sales representative in your area.

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