Zede Drilling Purchases Atlas Copco RD 20 III From Rig Source Inc.

April 11, 2013 by Rig Source Inc.

Zede Drilling, located in the Republic of Yemen, recently purchased an Atlas Copco RD 20 from Rig Source Inc.  Atlas Copco RD 20 III Mike Zede, Owner of Zede Drilling, explained that while drilling for water with an Ingersoll Rand T4W, they had yet to reach water at 600 meters. He knew he needed to switch to a deeper depth drill and the Atlas Copco RD 20 was his first choice. Side View of Zede Drillings Atlas Copco RD 20 The Atlas Copco RD 20 is a versatile rig and can be used for both water well and oil & gas drilling. Zede plans to use the Atlas Copco RD 20 to drill for oil once his water well project in Yemen is complete. Want more information about oil & gas rigs for sale? Please call 630-365-1649 or email us.

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