Happy 8th Anniversary – Crawler Carrier and Drill Rig Mechanic, Chris West

January 9, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

Mechanic Chris WestThis month marks the eighth year of employment for Rig Source employee, Chris West. Chris was a former dealership mechanic, and was hired on at Rig Source to join our shop team with crawler carrier and drill rig repairs. Since 2006, Chris has been on a long and satisfying career path that has contributed to a number of life defining moments.

The Beginning

As a longtime friend of the Crimaldi family, Chris heard about the position from his father while making a move from Florida back to his hometown in Illinois. Being a single father of two children, Colton and Dalton, Chris embraced the importance of having family around to help with child rearing. To his surprise, not long after his move back home, he was also introduced to the love of his life and now wife, Melissa.

Hobbies at a Glance

Together with his family, Chris enjoys camping and canoeing in the great outdoors. He also appreciates riding motorcycles when time, weather and work allows. Chris pointed out on numerous occasions during our discussion how the flexibility of Rig Source, a privately owned company, is the greatest factor in maintaining his job satisfaction over the last eight years. The flexibility of his position at Rig Source has allowed him to not only excel as a mechanic but as a father, and his gratitude for this does not go unnoticed.

Contributions in the Shop

In the eight years of employment at Rig Source, Chris has truly grown as a mechanic. He went from being mentored on crawler carrier and drill rig repairs to being the mentor to many of the guys on the shop team because of his lengthy employment at Rig Source. In his early days, Chris learned the fabrication side of repairs, while the latter half allowed him to become a hydraulic expert. Chris has learned the in’s and out’s to both crawler carriers and drill rigs, and insists they are almost easier to work on than the vehicles brought in to the dealership at his previous position.

The Year Ahead

Seeing as Chris’s anniversary date falls so close to the New Year I found it very fitting to discuss what his thoughts for 2014 might be. He would like to see a second expansion for Rig Source in an effort to give all the mechanics some additional space, and shows a high level of interest in taking up singing lessons. I guess you never can tell where those hidden talents are. Maybe our very own crawler carrier and drill rig mechanic will be the next TV idol on X Factor. I would certainly stay tuned!

Happy 8th Anniversary Chris West and thank you for all of your contributions at Rig Source!

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