Fight Back and Add Rubber Track Cleats to Your Rental Crawler Carriers

January 14, 2014 by Savannah Adkins

Cruel winter weather over the last few weeks has definitely put a damper on our customers’ interest in rental crawler carriers. This isn’t an uncommon occurrence during the winter months due to the hindrance of ice, snow and rain. However, what I discovered when discussing this issue with a co-worker is that many of our customers don’t know that we have a solution.

Rental Crawler Carriers with Rubber Track Cleatsrental crawler carrier with rubber track cleats

It’s not something we’ve imagined and it’s not entirely new, but it is the offered solution for our rental crawler carrier customers. Similar to chains on tires or picks on shoes, the rubber track cleats offer traction for crawler carrier tracks in icy conditions. The rubber track cleats only take a few minutes to install and get placed on the tracks prior to use. Once the rubber track cleats are on, the crawler carrier is ready to begin working over ice just as it would on dry land.

Benefits of Rubber Track Cleats

Rubber track cleatsare an excellent defense against winter weather, and knowing that they are available on rental crawler carrier units allows your business to plan accordingly. Like a domino effect, the ability to plan accordingly reduces your companies down time saving you time and money. Therefore, if you work in an area with varying winter climates, why not utilize our rental crawler carriers with rubber track cleats.

January’s Weather Forecast and Inquiry Predictions for Rental Crawler Carriers

It’s no surprise to anyone living in the Midwest that winter hit hard in December, but is your company prepared for what’s in store for January? The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) produces winter outlook predictions up to thirty days in advance so everyone can do just that; plan ahead. In the most recent discussion posted on December 31, 2013, the CPC indicates

“The odds for below-normal mean temperatures are elevated for the Northern High Plains Eastward across the Midwest, Great Lakes Region, and Ohio Valley.”

This report is an indicator that the cold icy conditions are still in our future, and so should your reservation for rental crawler carriers with rubber track cleats. Now that you know a solution exists, don’t let winter weather win the fight. Take control and call Rig Source today!

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