3 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About an Atlas Copco RD 20

January 8, 2014 by Rig Source Inc.

Complete Atlas Copco RD 20 set upIn the world of oil and gas drilling, an Atlas Copco RD 20 is just one of the many types of drill rigs available. However, what makes them special or unique?

Well here is my list of unique characteristics that I bet you didn’t know about the RD 20 drill rig.

  1. Common Use – The most common use of an Atlas Copco RD 20 is for tophole drilling. In comparison to various other drills capable of doing tophole work, it is smaller in size and lower in cost. Tophole drilling has the potential of tearing up a rig due to the nature of rock it is attempting to cut through. Therefore, the Atlas Copco RD 20 is often times used for the rough drilling required before a larger piece of equipment comes through to complete the job. This ultimately saves a company from damaging the more expensive equipment.
  2. Directional Drilling Potential – While the Atlas Copco drill rig wasn’t built with the intention of doing directional drilling, the capability is there. This can save a company a step in the oil and gas drilling process because it is one less rig move that needs to be completed. Again, saving the company time and money.
  3. Set Up – One of the greatest aspects of the Atlas Copco drill rig and a major selling point is that it is completely self-contained. That being said, the set up is quick and can ultimately be put together in just a few hours.

It’s always fun learning something new and exciting about the oil and gas industry. For additional information on Atlas Copco RD 20’s, you can always reach out to a major drilling equipment source such as Rig Source. Our website offers complete web listings with specifications on each type of Atlas Copco RD 20 available for sale. Additionally, you may choose to chat with an oil and gas drill rig sales specialist, or email drill rig questions directly to us. Inventory changes daily, but we currently have four Atlas Copco drill rig’s available so hurry in today!

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