2000 HP Oil Rig for Sale

April 25, 2012 by Rig Source Inc.

2000 HP Oil Rig For Sale By Rig SourceDid you know Rig Source sells Oil & Gas drills? As of today we have a custom 2000 HP Oil Rig for sale in our Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment showroom that has a 20,000 foot drill depth. Other features of this 2000 HP Oil Rig include: Draw Works: •  Powered by (2) Amerimex 1350 HP electric traction motors, 10 line rated at 1,000,000 # • Maximum Hoisting Capacity (12) 1,000,00, Drum Diameter 30″, Drum Length 57″ • Single Speed Gear Box: Steel fabrication, normalized before machining. • Gear Quality: AGMA Rating of 11Q or higher Mast and Substructure: • 62′ Pyramid DA-M717 derrick rated at 1,330,000 # (API Certified) • 26′ box on box substructure rated at 1,500,000 # (API Certified) • Mast incorporates Top Drive & Block Dolly • Six 50″ main cluster crown sheaves grooved for 1¬3/8″ drilling line, Two 36″ fabricated fast line/dead line sheave grooved for 1 3/8 drilling line, tapered roller bearing. • Shaft drilled for grease fittings, line guards, crown safety platform and handrails. Top Drive: • 500 ton AC top drive drilling system Model NOV TDS11, 800 hp, drilling torque rating 37,500 #, 228 max RPM, make-up and breakout torque 55,000# complete with VFD control house. For more details about 2000 HP Oil Rig’s lighting, iron roughneck, mud pumps, trip tank, mud house, shale tank or drillers cabin please view the oil rig for sale in our Online Showroom or Call Matt Slater at 630-365-1649 for more information.

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