Rig Source provides custom fabrication, service & repair for your drill rigs and crawler carriers.

Successful equipment renovation begins with a vision, and at Rig Source, we transform your vision into reality with custom fabrication options, and have been doing so for ten years now. We offer a broad range of fabrication services for your drill rigs and crawler carriers in order to accommodate everyone’s individual needs. From routine service to custom fabrications, our skilled team of mechanics and welders are capable of getting the job done within your budget and time frame.

Drill Rig Modifications

Here at Rig Source, we understand better than anyone the importance of having drill rig support. In fact, it is the principal behind starting Rig Source Inc. Having been in the field for many years, Rig Source’s owner, Mike Crimaldi understood the importance of keeping drill rig breakdowns to an absolute minimum. Keeping equipment running smoothly reduces frustrations on the job site for both contractor and client. Having experienced the difficulty of finding drill rig service support himself, Mike established Rig Source’s rental and service department to give drillers like you the support drilling firms deserve.

Our service team will work to transform your insufficient piece of equipment into a tailor-made machine that will reduce your drilling down time. Some of the services we offer for drill rig modification are listed below, but we are always looking for our next customization challenge so just ask if your need is not listed!

  • Drill Rig Remounts onto Trucks, Tracks & Skid Frames
  • Complete Drill Rig Rebuilds or Repairs
  • Sandblasting & Repainting
  • Optional Upgrades Per Customer Request

Crawler Carrier Service

Along with drill rig modifications, Rig Source is highly skilled at servicing crawler carriers. All repairs and fabrications on crawler carrier units are done in house so we can oversee your project from start to finish. Additionally, Rig Source uses replacement parts that come straight from the factory so we can get your work done quickly without having to wait for oversees parts shipments. Below is a quick summary of the crawler carrier services we offer, but we are always open to finding new solutions to jobsite challenges so feel free to request yours.

  • Modifications for Drill Rig Remounts
  • Complete Fabrication & Body Work
  • Customizations
  • Specialty Attachment Mounting

Given the longevity and expertise of our drill rig and crawler carrier service department, Rig Source has obtained a widespread customer base in a variety of industries including: geotechnical & environmental drilling, core drilling, and pipeline industry. To view samples of our most recent work you may visit our custom fabrications blog page.

If you are in need of drill rig support or crawler carrier services, Rig Source is here to help. Give us a call at 630.365.1649 and get your project underway.

Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig Source restorations
Rig & Crawler Carrier Fabrications Include:
  • Drill remounts
  • Winch and Crane installations
  • Custom Beds, Toolboxes, Rod Storage Compartments and Water Tanks

Restorations include:

  • Sand blast, prime and paint
  • Track replacement
  • Engine, pump, and winch replacement

Service includes:

  • Gear box repair
  • Transmission repair
  • Clutch repair
  • Hydraulic Cylinder repair
  • Rotary Box rebuilds
  • Hose replacement and repair
  • Engine Service