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Custom Crawler Carriers

When you are looking for custom crawler carriers, Rig Source has you covered.

Rig Source is the place for customizing both pre-owned and recently purchased crawler carriers. We offer unlimited customization of crawler carriers, and can also order your attachments to get the job done. We have a creative service and fabrication team that will work with you to get your custom crawler carriers exactly the way you want them.

At Rig Source, we understand that not every job is cut and dry so we specialize in customizing crawler carriers to the job so you don’t need to purchase a new crawler carrier every time. Currently, we pair the majority of customizations with the Terramac® crawler carrier for its ease in versatility, but also work with both IHI and Morooka crawler carrier units.

Modifications may include but are not limited to dump beds, flat beds, water tanks, spray boom, bark blowers, hydroseeders, fuel tanks, water cannons, drill rigs, personnel carriers, and crane installations.

Browse through our custom crawler carrier options below to see what industry related customizations are for sale and view work we’ve done in the past. We strive to meet your needs so if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have a unique custom crawler carriers need, feel free to call our team to discuss the options.

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Custom Crawler Carriers

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