Geoprobe® Units: Direct Push Technology

RSI is a nationwide rental center for Geoprobe® Units.

Rig Source Inc. (RSI) is proud to be a nationwide rental center for Geoprobe® units. We are also the Midwest distributor for Geoprobe® tooling, and a certified Geoprobe® service center. If you are looking for Geoprobe® units, do not look any further than our rental fleet consisting of the new 7822DT unit as well as models 6620DT, 66DT, 54DT, 540MT and 420M. Rent one of our direct push machines today. Our wide array of rental and purchase equipment will meet all of your direct push needs.

Direct push technology refers to a method of performing subsurface investigations by driving, pushing, or vibrating small-diameter steel rods into the ground to collect soil samples, soil gas samples and groundwater samples using hydraulically powered machines.

Geoprobe® is the leading manufacturer of direct push machines and tooling and RSI offers several of these machines for rent on a short or long term basis.

In addition, to the direct push units, RSI also rents support equipment such as the DP800 injection machine. RSI is also a source for the purchase of the smaller Geoprobe® machines (420M and 540MT), the injection machines (GS1000, GS2000 and DP800) and all Geoprobe® tooling and accessories. 

The Geoprobe® units (with some of the features) that we currently have for rent include the following models:

  • 78 inch (1,981 mm) probe cylinder stroke
  • 48,000 lb (214kN) pullback
  • New GH64 Hammer with Modular Percussion Power Cell and integrated two-speed, bi-directional rotation
  • GA 4000 Augerhead
  • Redesigned control panel
  • Powered by a four-cylinder, 57 Hp, liquid-cooled Tier 3 compliant Kubota turbo diesel engine

adobe_pdf7822DT INFO

  • 66 in. (1676 mm) probe cylinder stroke allows use of 60 in. (1,524 mm) probe rods
  • Over 20 ton pulling capacity for today’s larger sampling tools and deeper depths
  • Equipped with the powerful GH62 hammer
  • Heavy Duty Undercarriage has a wider track that carries more weight, adds more torque, reduces ground pressure and handles greater tool weight
  • Wireless remote control
  • Equipped with a hydraulic winch for handling augers and tripping dual tube tools
  • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and anchoring
  • Powered by a four-cylinder, 54 HP liquid-cooled Kubota turbo diesel engine

adobe_pdf6620DT INFO

  • 54 in. (1372 mm) stroke
  • 27,000 lb. (120 kN) pulling capacity
  • Equipped with reliable GH41 Soil Probing Hammer
  • Powered by a 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • Rear stabilization outriggers
  • Two-speed Pull Cylinder
  • Track mounted for rough terrain, soft sand and mud

adobe_pdf54DT INFO

  • 54 in. (1372 mm) stroke
  • 27,000 lb. (120 kN) pulling capacity
  • Uses 4 foot standard tooling
  • Equipped with reliable GH42 Soil Probing Hammer
  • Rear stabilization outriggers … standard equipment
  • Powered by a PortaCo® Hydraulic Power unit

adobe_pdf540MT INFO

  • 42 in. (1067 mm) stroke
  • 14,000 lb. (62.3 kN) pulling capacity
  • Equipped with reliable GH42 Soil Probing Hammer
  • Uses 3 foot standard tooling
  • Weighs less than 411 lb. (186 kg)
  • Powered by a PortaCo® Hydraulic Power unit
  • Removable outriggers enhance stability while probing
  • Fits through a standard size man door

adobe_pdf420M INFO

Check out these units in our geotechnical and environmental drill rig showroom. Don’t lose that project just because you do not own the right machine that you need to complete the job! Reserve your Geoprobe®  rental unit today!