Atlas Copco CS14 Surface Core Drilling Rigs

The Atlas Copco CS14 is a trailer mounted surface drilling rig in the Christensen rigs series. The Atlas Copco CS14 has deep drilling potential from the Christensen rigs series at just under 1200 meters capacity.

The main benefits the Atlas Copco CS14 offers the customer are:

  • The Atlas Copco CS14 is very easy to service
  • The CS14 has an extremely durable design for tough jobs and will last you years of drilling
  • The Atlas Copco CS14 is very easy to set up and the operator is safer
  • The surface core drilling rig drills deep and with high productivity
  • The Atlas Copco CS14 runs at high rpm which is ideal for core drilling
  • The rig motor has high torque for sufficient power to complete deep hole drilling
  • The CS14 has a long mast to pull 6 meter rods
  • Our Atlas Copco CS 14 has a main hoist single line capacity of 18,000 lbs
  • The Altas Copco CS14 comes as a complete unit, ready to drill on delivery

The Atlas Copco CS14 has a drilling capacity of 1540 m on B wireline, 1200 m on N wireline, 800 m on H wireline, and 475 m on P wireline. The main hoist on the CS14 has a single line capacity: bare drum 80 kN so it can withstand all the force an operator and the ground can put on it for effective deep drilling. The Atlas Copco CS14 is powered by a Cummins QSB6,7 Tier III 153 kW engine putting out 208 hp.

Atlas Copco CS14 Standard Equipment:

  • Hydraulic Mast Dump
  • Mast in two sections
  • Large crown sheave wheel
  • Wear lines on lower mast
  • Safety guards
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir fill pump & filtration
  • Hydraulic P size rod holder
  • 4 hyraulic leveling jacks
  • Towing package
  • Fuel Tank 200 1 (53 gal)
  • Fuel Filter & water separator
  • Hydraulic mast raise

Atlas Copco CS14 Optional Equipment:

  • Hydraulic mud mixer
  • RPM Meter
  • Water flow meter
  • Hydraulic mud pump

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